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Hand tufted carpets bringing luxury and beauty to your home

Hand tufted carpets will retain its natural luster for years when looked after. These carpets are made using a tufting tool to punch the yarn into a fabric backing to hide the glue that is holding the carpet together. A canvas is stretched behind so the design can be traced/punched into the carpet. The tufting gun speeds up the process significantly and very little skill is needed to complete a tufted carpet, resulting in a significant decrease in quality and price. These carpets are the most popular carpet as they provide a high quality and uniform look within a rapid.  Some of the key features of these carpets are as follow,

  • They are durable and long lasting
  • These carpets are Easy to clean
  • Can be made to any size and shape, in varying thicknesses and there are no limitations to shape or size, offered in standard size and perfect shape but if this could not be up to your requirements, and can be custom made these carpets.
  • Are available in pure wool, in versatility of designs, theme and pattern.
  • This type of carpets is also able to translate into any designs, in any of the materials. If chosen, the best place to manufacture.

There are several factors which contribute to producing these hand tufted carpets to their luxuriousness are as follows. It requires, artistic design, yarn content, fine detailing and finishing techniques. If you are one of those who want such finishes that will suit your style and design aesthetics? Not to worry at all, these carpets provide a wide variety of surface options and finishes.
We have a survey, some surface options include loop pile, cut pile or a combination of the two. To give hand tufted carpets, a touch of elegance, there are specialized who have some finishing techniques to make these hand tufted carpets, which includes carving, random shearing, beveling, recessing and embossing. They can also use a combination of surface levels to create a high degree of sculpting which gives off three-dimensional effects with the addition of an extra impressive factor to finished products. There are some makers who also have the latest computer-aided designing software to make the better design of hand tufted carpets.

The material used to make these hand tufted carpets are 100% wool. There are also other yarns to produce these hand tufted carpets other than wool. They are nylon, cotton and viscose. They are incorporated with the time as required. Semi-worsted, Merino and wool yarns are also available to produce these carpets. For the formation of more intricate design, these yarns are finer and are used for detail the petit point loop and low tight cut-pile. This type of carpet is made for an extremely smooth, soft and durable surface.

More than this, these carpets are best to maintain and prevent from dust and stain. You can easily utilize them where you want. This could be the reason the maintenance is quite easier than others. These carpets are also at an economic price, affordable for everyone.