Handy Looks at Why Everyone IsObsessed with TikTok


These days, our mobiles are bombarded with amusing TikTok videos. With the ever-increasing popularity of such videos among the masses, Handy feels it’s time to analyze why everybody is so obsessed with it and how it’s affecting your thought process.

TikTok is an easy to navigate social media app that allows you to record, edit, and share short looping fifteen to sixty second videos with your friends. It was created by a Chinese tech firm known as ByteDance and gives you the creative freedom to make videos along with musical overlays, sound effects, and visual effects.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why everybody is obsessed with TikTok:

  1. It is a way to explore your own creativity – Mostly used by teens and youngsters, TikTok enables them to tickle the humorous and creative side of themselves. With just a mobile in a hand, you are able to make a video that has the potential to go viral in no time if it strikes the right chord. When you become a recognizable face in society, you are bound to get addicted to the app.
  2. It promotes the spreading of social messages – In this fast-paced world, people have less time to listen to the news, read newspapers or long messages, and watch long videos. This is where TikTok acts as a handy tool. With great conceptualization and presentation, even a video of just sixty seconds can draw your attention to the issues of society. It can be anything such as political, social, environmental, financial, etc.
  3. Brand promotion – Both small and big companies are intelligently using TikTok videos in order to target their potential customers. With no investment at all, the advertising team comes up with catchy and appealing TikTok videos. They start sending these videos to as many people as possible, who in turn, forward the videos to more people. Once such videos become viral, the brand becomes the talk of the town and is promoted to en masse.
  4. Challenges – Since its inception in 2018, TikTok has been famous for putting up challenges in front of people. These include the ‘flip the lid’ challenge, ‘open the cover of the bottle’, the famous ‘bucket challenge’, and so on. Such videos have become viral within quite a short period of time. More and more people make their TikTok videos while attempting such challenges and post them on social media because it’s a way to fit into the crowd.
  5. Negative videos – As with many things, TikTok also has a negative side to it. It has become increasingly popular due to the sharing of hatred speech, violent scenes, pornographic material, etc. These types of videos on TikTok videos become quickly viral. The human mind is automatically attracted to some disagreement and violence and such videos instantly get attention. This is the dark side of TikTok which might play with the minds of people and instigate them to do something harmful.


According to Handy, TikTok allows its users to feel important and gain fame or recognition. That’s why it has become so popular. With more than one million downloads, its popularity and influence are still continuing to spread. Today, it has become a platform for the new generation of influencers.