Hello There Amigos: Gift Your Mister These Gifts On His Birthday 

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.” 

Well, the foundation of every relationship is laid on the basis of love, trust and honesty, but a lil gifting every now and then helps to keep the spark alive in a relationship, for sure. So, whether one wants to make up for someday or wants to show love to their spouse, gifting on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other such special occasions is a must. It genuinely shows that one cared to keep a track of their loved one’s special days and went that extra mile to make it memorable. 

If you want to reciprocate this loving gesture of gifting towards your spouse, then he/she will be absolutely delighted. And once you have vowed to have a happy life ever after, you have to make such gestures! 

But is your husband’s birthday soon approaching than you probably thought? Then, gear up and consult these birthday gifts to treat your hubby. These are not quintessential birthday gifts for husband which every article would suggest you give. Rather, a bit different and utility-oriented to suit the preference of every 21st-century man. So, without any further ado, let’s start discussing what could be the perfect birthday gift for husband-the-dearest.  

  1. Personalised Table lamp – Now, I know! Every year, as a wife, you would have gifted your life partner a piece of apparel or something more personal. Now, let’s replace that evergreen gift idea with something that he won’t be able to wear, but can always keep close to his heart, for sure. Personalised table lamp is one great birthday gift for him as even on his gloomiest day when he comes back from his workplace, he can sleep like a baby to bed. It will ensure that he has a good amount of sleep and will soothe his mind, body and soul. Also a picture of you and him together over the night lamp is sure to cast 24 k magic around him and make it an indeed “happy” birthday for him. 
  2. Portable Safe – Nothing could be a better gift than you showing him that you care for his safety and security. A portable safe which is big enough to keep his essentials safe and lightweight yet durable enough to be carried out, publicly or just to store at his secret place! Something like this would encourage him to lead a stress-free life without worrying about his essentials getting stolen. So, this birthday, chuck out all the cliched birthday gifts for husband and go with a portable safe to keep his valuables secured. 
  3. Hygiene Kit – Having good hygiene is quite proportional to having good health. So, why not, this birthday you give your man something that will ensure his good health. And mind you, there might be many who would be wondering whether grooming kits are the same as personal hygiene kits. Well, the answer would be – yes, they both are quite similar. But the difference is in a hygiene kit, the products are more personal-hygiene oriented which basically includes hair, nail, foot, genital and dental care products. These kits usually focus on health maintenance and provide personal care to your Misters. 
  4. Forever Rose – Roses speaks of romance, love and everything so beautifully that words probably couldn’t. And it is so expressive that for each feeling, you can find a different kind and colours of rose to express. But, regular roses are wither away, quite soon than we actually thought it would. So, make this birthday of your hubby the best one till date by gifting him a forever love which would act as a sweet reminder of the eternal love, that exists between you both. Let him know just the way roses are precious among all the other flowers, so is he among all the people in your life. 
  5. Cigar Set – We know that you wouldn’t like to give something that would eventually take his life, but if he is a cigar enthusiast or secretly has wished to try it once in his lifetime, then it seems like a great idea for sure. Millennials are into smoking and as a result of which have been cigar aficionados. If your husband is one of those people, you can gift something sophisticated like a cigar set. So, that the next time when he is up for a social event, he can flaunt his rich taste in cigar while sharing a puff or two with his chit-chat buddies, talking about politics, life and everything in between.