How and when to tip for a stripper’s performance 

Getting a lap dance is the highlight of any strip club Melbourne experience. Strippers appreciate customers who tip and do well whether for stage performances or lap dances. A lot of strippers make their money on tips in a busy night, they can take in thousands worth of tips but on a slow night, the tips also seem to be small and punters tip infrequently.

Where tipping is concerned, the trick is showing your appreciation for the performer who is giving you the most attention. Strip club currency goes from one dollar upwards. The point is to have a lot if bills in your wallet. Si before heading out, exchange a hundred or more into smaller currency denominations. If you really like the dancer on stage, throwing fives will get her attention more than the guy throwing 1s. The big tipper always gets the best service. 

Remember that strippers are pretty much treated le independent contractors. They don’t get a salary or any other benefits that normally come with being employed. Being self-employed means they work extra hard to impress and to get as much money as they can on any night. If you are a good tipper, you’ll get the best customer care. 

How to tip dancers?

Remember, you have to request a lap dance for yourself or your mates. This is a performance only for, so you pay for exclusivity. Lap dances amore expensive than typical stage dances.

A lap dance can cost as little as $50 and more but this varies from club to club and stripper to stripper. The kind of strip club Melbourne you find yourself in also plays a role in how dancers who work in it are perceived. Ultimately the price is set by the dancer. You are free to pay that amount and to keep tipping throughout the performance.   So basically, the price of a lap dance depends on the establishment you are in and the individual stripper. 

When should you tip?

When it comes to paying for the services of a stripper, you should be motivated by your preferences and whether your expectations have been met. Start with the rate of a lap dance and add to that the cost of a lap dance and the drinks consumed. Keep in mind that lap dances last Do a few minutes. You may want to linger in the club to watch other dancers. So, bring your wallet or credit card. One thing is for sure, whilst a floor covered with dollar bills gives the illusion that there is a lot if money being spent, when the count is in, it seldom turns out to be thousands. $5 dollar notes are great but not everyone likes counting out stacks of crumpled up $5 dollar notes. Try a five, once in a while to show your appreciation. Most establishments will have a way to exchange your large bills with smaller ones. Some establishments print their own “funny money” that I exchangeable as real money and only circulated only in those strip clubs. 

Think of tipping in a strip club as paying gratuity, i.e. a form of payment for services rendered or to an acknowledgement of great customer service. You do it in restaurants, hotels, taxis, etc.