How Can Reseller Hosting Benefit Your Web Design Business?

Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of websites being launched. Most of these sites use web designers to ensure that the site created is functional, pleasing to the eye, offers a great user experience, and is SEO-friendly. 

Hence, web designers have also been in high demand. However, this has led to an increase in competition between web designers making it difficult for them to stand out from their competition. 

While most designers claim to offer high-quality and affordable web design services, there are various other ways in which you can attract clients to your business. One such way is by offering web hosting services

Since a web designer interacts with a site owner right from the time the website is being conceptualized, launching a web hosting business can help boost income and improve your brand image. 

The best way to do this is to buy a Reseller Web Hosting plan and launch a Reseller Hosting business. In this article, we’ll take a look at how Reseller Hosting can benefit your web design business. What’s more, most of these apply to web developers too. 

In fact, here’s a video that explains why web developers are looking at Reseller Hosting as well:

Reseller Hosting is a Preferred Business Model for Web Developers: Here’s Why

When you resell web hosting, you buy resources from a parent company. Next, you create hosting packages using these resources and sell them to websites. Here is how a web Hosting Reseller business can benefit your web design business:

Helps you stand out from your competition

As mentioned above, the web design industry is highly competitive that makes it difficult for designers to make their mark. Also, with hundreds of designers offering similar services, site owners try to find the ones that offer some added benefits over and above web designing. 

Typically, when a web designer creates a website, the site owner asks him/her regarding reliable web hosting companies. If the web designer can offer these services, then the site owner is likely to opt for it since all site-related services will be with one brand making it easier to coordinate and manage.

A broader target market segment

When you’re just a web designer, your target customers are those people who are looking to create a new website or those that want to redesign their existing website. However, when you start offering hosting services as well, you become a Windows or Linux reseller business. 

This means that you’ll have clients who are just looking for hosting services. You’ll basically have access to a bigger pool of target customers. 

Steady income source

Usually, web designing is a one-time service. While some site owners like to retain the designer to make constant changes to the site, on most occasions, the web designer is paid his dues and the site remains as it is for a long time. Hence, for the web designer, there can be weeks or months when the business is slow and the income is low. Web Hosting Resellers, on the other hand, have a constant flow of income since web hosting is a recurring service and the site needs to be hosted on a webserver to be available online. Hence, by launching the best Linux Reseller Hosting or Windows Reseller Hosting business, you can be assured of a steady source of income.

Summing Up

Starting a web hosting business does not require large capital or extensive technical expertise. You can get started with minimal investment and if you choose the right reseller provider, then you will be offered detailed guidance to succeed as a Hosting Reseller. However, before you decide to start reselling web hosting, make sure that you understand the basics of web hosting and create a business plan that is in sync with your existing web design business. Good Luck!