How do you set up your shop in the Meydan free zone?

First fill out the respective application form and then submit the documents that are essential for the submission.

You can apply online or by email.

You will then have to pay the processing fees assigned by the authorities of the Meydan Free Trade Zone.

You must then register your company name with the registrar after paying the processing fee.

After submitting all documents and advance payments, you will receive an appointment at the MFZ. This appointment will be made for the registration of your company in the free zone.

The appointment takes about 12 weeks.

Then you have to sign and certify all important documents such as MOA (articles of association), AOA (articles of association), and also the lease agreement by all shareholders of the company in front of the designated MFZ representative.

After you have signed and certified all legal documents in front of the MFZ representative, you must proceed with the external approvals.

For some of the activities, official approvals from the perpetual bodies such as DIMC, RERA, etc. are required, which you must approve to the MFZ for further submission.

What documents are required to establish your business in the Meydan free zone ?

Documents for individuals:

The application form and the registration form. It is available on the MFZ website or by email.

  • A 3-year business plan.
  • Copy of the passport and visa of the owner or administrator.
  • Curriculum vitae of the owner or administrator.
  • Original bank statement or stamped 6-month account statement.
  • Proof of address, such as utility bills or rental agreements from the owner or manager.
  • A copy of the existing UAE business license.
  • The copy of the Emirates ID card.
  • Color copies of the passport.

The special power of attorney if you have appointed a legal representative / another person / or vicarious agent.

You must also reserve the 3 name options to be filled in on the MFZ registration form.

Documents for the companies:

  • The registration and application form available on the MFZ website or the email to be signed by the shareholders.
  • minimum 3 years of the business plan.
  • The Certificate of Good Reputation.
  • The original of the bank reference or the six-month stamped account statement for executives.
  • The board resolution specifies the manager/director, the appointment of the relevant POA, and the activities.
  • The MOA and the AOA are the parent company.
  • The color visa and the copy of the director/manager’s passport.
  • The Certificate of Registration or Resume of the Manager / Director, Certificate of Incorporation.
  • The powers of attorney of all shareholders in your company.
  • The three names of the reservations for your company that you must enter in the form. Until then, good and wise planning!