How does a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Elevate the Experience of Your Marriage?

Marriage is considered to be ‘D-Day’ where your life changes. It is the most important day of everyone’s life and each one of us wants to make it the most amazing one. 

The idea of pre-wedding photoshoot is gaining much popularity these days. A pre-wedding or an engagement photoshoot usually happens a few months before the marriage. It is often a much cherished experience for the couples during their pre-wedding photo-shoot.

A pre-wedding photoshoot does not involve many people. It just has the couple and the pre-wedding photographer (foto prewedding, which is the term in Indonesian). Well, there are many perks attached to the idea of a pre-wedding photoshoot and it can surely elevate your wedding experience.

Gains of Pre-wedding Shoot 


  • When it comes to your marriage, the rituals and ceremonies may only last for 4-5 days, but the memories and impact last for the lifetime. You would never want to mess up with the photographs of the best day of your life. Pre-wedding photoshoots act as a communication channel. It helps the couple to be comfortable with the photographer who is often a complete stranger. It also helps the photographer to understand the couple and its story, the poses and the angles which are best suited for the couple.
  • Marriage is a very big event. There are numerous preparations that everyone is engaged in. Amidst all the work and chaos, often the couple does not get some quality time to spend with each other. Pre-wedding shoots give you that time. Pre-wedding shoots are very personal and intimate, so the couple can be casual and comfortable. If it is a love marriage, you can revisit the memory lanes of those special moments spent together which will enhance you love even more. If it is arranged marriage, the couple gets to spend some time alone, gel up with each and be comfortable. They get to know each other in a better and closer way. This enhances their bond.
  • Being conscious of the lens often spoils many pictures. During a pre-wedding shoot, the pre-wedding photographer makes sure to drive away from the camera consciousness from your end, so you pose confidently and elegantly on your big day.
  • Pre-Wedding photos can be shown during your pre-wedding functions or invitation cards which add up to the beauty of the marriage and you can enjoy and relive your moments.
  • Pre-wedding snaps, when added to your wedding album, boosts up its appeal. These photographs also act as beautiful wall pieces other than those traditional wedding photographs.


Pre-wedding photographs are a lot in demand and so are the pre-wedding photographers. All the experience from your pre-wedding shoot can help you enjoy your wedding in a better manner, being more comfortable with your photographer. It adds a lot to the couple’s relationship as well.