How K-Pop Idols Can Teach Your Company About Live Streaming


People born in Gen Z have access to speedy internet connections and mobile devices. The entertainment outlet of modern living has progressed to a more digitally inclined approach. Even the babies born in the 2010s may have learned their ABCs using IPAD instead of books. Some teenagers prefer influencers over celebrities or TV personalities. The shift in behaviour has paved the way for live streaming in Singapore.

On top of this, the influence of the COVID pandemic has inspired big companies to resort to online events. Like K-pop idols, they do live streaming to reconnect with their fans. But, it’s more than that. It’s not just about showing yourself in front of the camera because you can perform, play computer games, and do a Q&A session with the fans.

If you’re starting, here are the things to learn from K-pop idols on how they use live streaming.

How K-Pop Idols Can Teach You About Live Streaming

The K-Pop industry has reached global success reaching even the western hemisphere, including the Americas and Europe. The genius tactic of most K-pop companies is to use live streaming as part of their virtual production in Singapore. Through this, they reconnect and touch their fans’ hearts worldwide. Since Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and V Live are all accessible, they mostly use these platforms to do their live streaming events.

If your company is starting with live streaming, here are things you can learn from K-pop Idols on how they make it successful and influential.

1) You Can Use It for Awarding Ceremonies

Korean music awards like MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) are live streaming, so people can watch them online. While fans anticipate their idols winning, some performances make the show more interesting. One of the iconic scenes in MAMA history is when 2NE1 surprised the audience with their ‘Fire’ performance. Surely, it will go down in history.

If you want to do an award ceremony for your company, you can use this idea when rewarding your employees at the end of the year. You can also have a performance in between to make it less boring.

2) You Can Use It For Q&A Session

Fanboys and fangirls have millions of questions about their favourite idols. Naturally, they will be curious about the likes and hobbies of their biases. That’s why it’s a smart move that music labels do live streaming to have a Q&A session, where fans can ask harmless things to their idols. Although you can’t ask a too personal question, live streaming is an excellent way to reconnect with the fans.

You can also do live streaming with your company, so interested customers can ask questions about your new products or services before releasing them. You will be more reachable and more accessible to connect with when they need to ask inquiries.

3) You Can Use it for Daily Vlogs

K-pop idols also use live streaming to do daily vlogs about how their day goes, from doing a photoshoot to ending the day. It’s a way to let their fans see them behind the camera and that they are also like everyone else. In this video uploaded by NCT daily, you can watch the simple morning routine of Jaehyun. It was a live-streamed video, but the account decided to publish it permanently.

You can also use these techniques when you want to encourage more people to apply to your company. You can show your employees’ daily routine, from logging in to logging out in the evening. Through this virtual production, people will know more about your company values.

4) You Can Do Tutorial

Idols also do tutorials like makeup and skincare routines through live streaming. In these videos, idols show the step-by-step skincare that reveals how they maintain a healthy look. They can also do makeup routines to help their fans achieve their visual appeal. You can also try this during the AGM webcast in Singapore to have a tutorial class about improving their skills in your company.

For instance, if you have an accounting firm, you can hire a speaker and do a live streaming video so employees can learn while they are at home. Perhaps, you can request a professional accountant to give tips to your employees.

5) You Can Livestream Celebrations and Festivals

K-pop groups also celebrate anniversaries when the groups reach the one-year mark. It’s also the same when they get second, third, and so on. It’s a way to thank fans who stick with them through ups and downs. Celebrations also highlight their achievements as a group. In your company, you can also celebrate your anniversaries with your clients through live streaming or a hybrid AGM in Singapore.

You can have a speech to say thank you to the customers who helped your company grow. With these events, you can also have raffle prizes and encourage customers to join these games, and it’s an excellent way to interact and improve your company image.

6) You Can Use it for Gaming

Some streamers also go live when playing games, such as Valorant, Mobile Legends, and PUBG. They do live streaming on Facebook and Twitch. It’s like watching a sport where you can support your team and help your players get the support they need. Although companies don’t do gaming in the sense of computer games, you can also do a live stream when you have a sports event in the company.

In the live streaming or AGM webcast, you can also show a live video where people can comment on the team they are supporting during the sports event.

7) You Can Use it For Announcements

Some music companies like SM, JYP, and YG do live streaming when announcing news like comebacks, concert tours, and album releases. Through this live streaming, online users can share their options and connect with other fans.

You can also do this in your company through a hybrid AGM where you can announce news like work promotions, schedules, and other internal company changes.

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