How to choose an anal plug Easily?

The anus is a particularly innervated region, which is why many people, of all sexes and of all genders, appreciate the stimulation of this area. And there is no shortage of choices when it comes to anal plugs.

Whether you want to introduce yourself to gentle anal sex, or whether you are looking for the perfect anal plug for experienced users, you are not necessarily going to focus on the same object. But here are some tips and criteria to guide you in choosing Best butt plug for women.

Choose an anal plug

Choosing an anal plug: safety

What do you expect from an anal plug? Before thinking about pleasure, eroticism, the aesthetics of the object, or even comfort, an essential criterion must be taken into account. Is this plug really designed for safe anal sex? By “security”, we mean it must not, in any case, risk being trapped in your anus.

Some anal plugs are poorly designed

Unfortunately, many sex toys sold for anal use are not intended for. With the lubricant, the excitement, if you press it in the heat of the action, they can slide and end up entirely in your anus.

And then, to remove them, it is not easy. Result: a moment of stress and loose, which can, in the worst case (rare, but not non-existent), end in medical intervention.

However, when you use a sex toy, you must be able to relax and focus on your pleasure. Without worrying about having to possibly ask for help from the emergency personnel at the end of your adventures.

What is a safe anal sex toy?

A safe anal sex toy is one that has a wider base than its insertable part. This base acts as a bumper: it stays outside of your trilili, and prevents the sex toy from sliding further than you want. You can go for the Best vibrators for women  as well.

Choose an anal plug: the size

In the choice of an anal plug, one of the first criteria that comes into play is the size. Small? Way? Large? It all depends on your preferences. And there are all sizes, for the less adventurous and the more gourmet.

The Rosebuds Reloaded Small, a small anal plug

The Rosebuds Reloaded Small, a small anal plug

But a word of advice: above all, don’t have your eyes bigger than the. Anyway, Don’t choose an anal plug that is too big.

Even if you think you can insert it, do not forget that a plug can, if you wish, be worn for more or less long durations. Better to choose a slightly smaller sex toy, to be sure it is comfortable.

Choosing an anal plug: comfort

And since I’m talking about comfort: on this point, it’s not just the size that matters. But also the shape of the base, which goes, remember to be between your buttocks.

The comfort of your buttocks is a more or less important criterion depending on how long you plan to wear the plug. If you only plan to use the plug during sex, there is no need to worry too much.

But if you want to wear it for several hours at a time, walk or sit with it , an anal plug whose base has not been provided may risk being unpleasant in the long run. In this case, you will want to choose a plug whose base can nestle between your buttocks without moving them apart. You will therefore avoid bases that are too thick or too angular.