How to cleanse celestite

How to cleanse celestite

The ethereal blue crystal of celestite is a prominent tool to activate upper chakras. It needs to be taken care of properly to promote purity in the heart, good fortune, and pure and clean receiving energies. There are three effective methods to keep the energies of celestite pure and cleanse your celestite. Celestite absorbs positive and negative energies from their surroundings. These energies need to be cleaned regularly.

The sage method has been used for many years as a powerful tool to clear away negative, toxic, and unwanted energies and can restore its beautiful healing properties.

White sag tie-up in the tidal bundle is the best way for cleansing energies. You need a lighter and fire-safe bowl to ash the sage in or light the loose leaves on fire for 30 seconds. Let the energies out by an open window.

Gather up all celestite and bring through smoke engulfing every inch of crystal for thirty seconds or a long to purify a lot of unwanted energies. selenite, a self-cleansing crystal, radiates powerful healing and cleansing energies.

A selenite plate or bowl can be used to clean the crystal of celestite. Place the crystal in such a way that selenite and celestite must be touching as much as possible. It is an easy and effective way to cleanse the crystal. Moonlight is the most attractive way to cleanse the celestite softly from unwanted energies. Place the celestite on a windowsill that gets a lot of Moonlight and leave it there overnight. The full moon is ideal but any phase of the moon will do. You can place celestite outside but it is a softer crystal.

So, collect it before morning dew to prevent water damage. The setting of intentions is most important no matter which cleansing method is used. You can charge your celestite by use of visualization. To restore its all pure and Cleanse energies cleanse your celestite once a month. Cleansing of Crystal is not complicated but necessary to enjoy their full potential.

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