How to judge the finest marked cards?

Although there are numerous variables influence marked cards, and there is no clear quality review requirement. There is likewise a collection of recognized evaluation requirements developed by experience in this market. Below are some suggestions.

  • Smell: Is there a poignant scent when you open the package? If so, it implies that this deck has actually been packed prior to the ink dries out. Then it will influence the appearance as well as the use of the card; also, cards will stick together seriously.
  • Packaging: An exceptional packing will greatly reduce the opportunity of being suspected. Our firm adheres to the principle that like the initial card for the packaging of quality marked cards.
  • Appearance: Will the white side or front face become yellow? Because when playing cards are marked and kept for a long period of time, it becomes yellow easily. Or else, the pens used wrong kind of ink for marking cards.
  • Card stability: Inspect the card when you obtain it, make sure the card is not lost or damaged. What’s even more, cards must remain in good shape. As an example, we all recognize KEM playing cards adopt unique material, which is quickly decomposed airborne, so their body is simple to swell, and also, the board is very easy to break.
  • Cleanliness of cards: When noting cards, ink, dipping dirt, as well as particles on the board prevail occurrences. If those unclean items really did not remove, those cards are equivalent to ditch. Specifically, the barcode marked cards.
  • Marks: A top-notch marked card should be with exceptional marks. You may not understand light will affect marks significantly, but a great marked card can show clear marks under a different light as well as cannot be read by your eyes. By the way, even the marks on the white area line are clear enough and unnoticeable to your eyes, it likewise is not a best-marked card.
  • Color: Some marks cards appear to have wonderful marks under sunglasses or infrared contact lenses after marking, yet its color already transformed considerably and rather different from initial cards.
  • Service life: Normally, a deck containing quality marked plastic cards will be able to keep greater than two years the packaging is not opened. If opened, it also can last greater than three months up until marks vanished.

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