How To Onboard Users To New Application Functions


Any functionality is designed to make the life easier for the app user. Thus, introducing and acquainting the customers to it properly help in meeting the purpose. There are a few proven ways that one can employ for making the app users familiar and comfortable with the functionalities. These are:

  1. In-app chat support: The user can be directed to an in-app live chat option to encourage asking the questions related to app use or how to start using it. The in-app chat support allows the users to have firsthand information and enables quicker onboarding. The user does not require leaving and logging back again to the app, which makes in-app live chat feature a must-have.
  2. Interactive tutorials: The user onboarding software can be used to direct the customers to interactive tutorials when the activation, use or any other form of information requires more than a few steps. With the help of interactive tutorials, the makers provide all possible information needed, and can step in anytime to elaborate better if any feature is left unexplained. Thus, there is better understanding and higher comfort level created.
  3. Email lessons through newsletters: Mostly, after analysis the developers come to know of some unexplored areas of the app. To add to the relevance of that feature and to incite action related to it, the developers take the users to email lessons with simple onboarding tools and tricks. The emails allow the users to know the app in detailed manner and be familiar with all the crucial aspects of its functioning.

The purpose of onboarding is to ensure that the users are using the app exactly as per the intentions with which it is built. The quick lessons and nudges can propel the user interest in the direction of better utilization of app and derive value from it as strategized.