How To Renew your Maid’s Insurance In Singapore?

Is your maid insurance policy about to get over? You might have liked your maid and want to continue with her. For that, you want to go for maid insurance renewal from the comfort of your home. This article will provide the step-by-step procedure to renew your policy and her insurance.

Renewing a Maid Insurance in Singapore

  • Getting The Renewal Letter 

Generally, the domestic helpers’ work permits need to be renewed every two years. Eight weeks before the expiry of the policy, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will send a letter stating you have to renew. If you have already renewed the policy, you can state the details and submit a request accordingly.

  • Renewing The Insurance Policy For Maid 

To operate in Singapore, every domestic helper should be covered by personal and medical accident insurance. That’s why your helper comes with such insurance protection. Before proceeding with her work policy renewal process, renewing the policy is important. It can be done after receiving a renewal letter from the authorities. The process of renewing maid insurance policies can be done online. Many people might not know about the maid insurance policy online renewable process. In this instance, they can speak with the authorities and learn more about it. Also, buyers can look for the best critical illness insurance Singapore for more details.  

  • Online Renewing The Work Permit 

After renewing your maid insurance policy and getting a new security bond, here is the process to follow online. Firstly, you have to login into the e-services websites of the Ministry of Manpower with the help of Singpass. Next, you should fill in the online application form and upload a PDF scan. Here you have to upload the helper’s passport, and it needs to be valid for at least seven months after the work permit’s last date. After that, you have to provide the address to get the renewed work permit and pay the necessary amount.

  • Obtaining A New Security Bond 

While going ahead with the renewal process, you need to opt for a helper’s security bond. It is important to get this parameter before getting the work permit. Many maid insurance plans are available in the market that offers an option to renew the security bond. With that, the bond details are sent to the authorities by the insurer. It is an important step that you must follow before applying for the renewal.

  • Take A Print Out Of The Temporary Work Permit 

After the work permit has been renewed successfully, you can get a printout of the temporary work permit. Keep this detail until you receive your new pass card, which will be delivered to your indicated address. Also, the temporary work permit will indicate whether you need to send back the helper’s existing pass card.

  • Returning The Old Pass Card Of The Helper 

In the process of renewing a maid’s insurance in Singapore, returning the old pass card of the helper is also another process. You can complete this process by mailing it to the registered insurance provider. For more details, the authorities will assist you and take the old pass card. Additionally, you can ask them how to choose the best critical illness cover and get the best one for yourself.

Checking Out the Tips to Look For an Insurance Policy 

  • Check For The Plan With Maximum Coverage 

While looking for a health insurance policy, you should opt for the one with the maximum coverage. Under this category, you will get both pre and post-hospitalization expenditures, such as diagnosis, treatment, and several other medications. Also, you can enjoy several benefits under this plan like dialysis, organ donor, and ambulance over, day-care treatment, etc.

  • Looking For The Total Premium Amount 

The amount that has to be paid to the concerned authority needs to be checked at a fixed time. Also, you can calculate the premium amount to be paid with the help of the calculator. By keeping all these things on track, buyers can secure their future in the right direction.

  • Looking For The Age Limit 

Before opting for the health policy for your loved ones, or yourself, ensure that you have checked the maximum age limit of the policy to be renewed. Several policies specify the upper age limit that you must check without fail. Specific health insurance plans are available for senior citizens to keep them safe.

In The End 

After learning the process of renewal of an insurance policy, users can go ahead with it. With that, they can renew their policy and complete the process.