Hurricane Ida Is In The Rear-View Mirror. What’s Next?

Homeowners in New Jersey must protect their family members and belongings by ensuring their house is sturdy enough to endure storms and other natural disasters. Similarly, commercial property owners in the state must keep their tenants safe along with the interior components of the building. 

Ideally, real estate owners need to have their structures inspected annually by a professional structural engineer NJ to detect flaws before they can develop into worse and costlier damage. Accordingly, they must perform maintenance work or implement repairs or replacements in their structures as recommended by the engineer. A building that is free from faults and reinforced with sturdy material is likely to fare better when facing a natural calamity.

Last September 2021, New Jersey faced one of the deadliest storms to hit the area. Hurricane Ida ravaged the state, severely damaging several residential and commercial properties. One of the many problems after the storm was the massive flooding.

Apart from exterior damage, hours of rainfall can also lead water into the building and damage the interior parts of the structure. Water damage not only deteriorates the construction materials but also promotes an environment where mold and mildew can grow.

Consequently, any building component affected by the water must be remediated. Water remediation is defined as cleaning and repairing the materials and structures that sustained water damage. It is imperative to treat this problem immediately to prevent a more serious hazard from occurring.

Additionally, property owners will need to hire a professional NJ structural engineer to inspect all structures, determine their present condition, and provide recommendations on the repairs and restorations needed.

Hurricane Ida might be long gone, but there can be another storm around the corner. Keep reading this infographic from Lockatong Engineering that expounds on the role of structural inspections and structural engineers amid a natural disaster.