Information about B1 English Test

B1 is one from the CEFR. There are many different levels of tests. You have to practice reading, listening, vocabulary, and many more. You can do these things on the site also. In the B1 English testlittle different questions will be asked. The questions will not be included any normal routine question so prepare little hard. If you are at the B1 level, then you should score at least 4 – 4. 5 on the IELTS test. If you want to practice, you can practice winning online sites also. There are many several sites which have a test so that you can see your score before going for the real one. The sites contain practices like vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening.

B1 Reading

There will be many topics, so you have select and tell about it in your own words but English only. We are telling you where you can get information about the English of different types. Like job applicant. In this, you can read different job applicants. On your free time, you can search your favourite topic and see information about it. You can even write to practice the information correctly. When you are travelling, you can read information about the hotel, what are the facilities for the customers and what are the different offers. There are many things which you can read to improve your English better.

B1 Listening 

If you want to improve your listening English, you can hear different types of English songs. There are various categories of songs. So you can select which you want and according to that, listen. Hear the words carefully; you can search online if you do not know the meaning of the word. You can watch English movies also. You can hear English podcasts. When you bring these things into your routine, then you will learn English very fast. It will become your habit. You can talk in English with the persons who spend more time with you like any family members or any friend. The normal thing is you can watch normal English advertisements. If you like sports, you can watch it on television but only in the English channel in that the commentary will be done in English.


If you want to improve your grammar, you can read newspapers. Mostly try to focus on the past and present tense. The main thing in a sentence is the keywords of it. Suppose you can understand the keywords so you can respond by telling or writing. There are many tenses you should know some basic ones. Try to improve your vocabulary; the examiner will select you even faster. You will score a good mark. Do not panic before giving the test. Respond in confidence. Make good eye contact.

Try to involve in things where there is more use of English. Make your environment good. Do not confuse in words if you have doubted you can clear by searching the word. Do not use the word that you do not know the meaning of. If you know, the correct meaning says it loud and clear.