Interesting Places And Activities To Do In Melaka Malaysia

Melaka or Malacca is the oldest City in Malaysia, located in the southwest region of the Malay Peninsula. The historic City is mostly heard because of the interesting facts:

  • Antiques
  • Cultural connotations
  • Unique heritage
  • Fishing hotspots
  • Most sought-after transhipment port

Visit Melaka Malaysia to discover the remarkable facts of this historically celebrated city.

The Ruins of A’Famosa

A Famosa is the former Portuguese Fortress among the oldest surviving famous sightseeing views. It is the only remaining part of the fortress – a small gatehouse called Porta de Santiago. A Famosa ruin is a beautiful spot for a perfect shot of rendezvous. You can capture stunning images of the crumbling structure.

History lovers will surely be interested to note A’Famosa, which was once home to a whole lot of Portuguese administrative officials.

Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum

The museum is located in Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, it is a complex of 3-stored houses showcasing the 19th-century Chinese-Malays or Baba-Nyonya Residence. The Chinese Palladian houses have been converted into Peranakan Museum, which is known for:

  • Exquisite woodwork
  • Porcelain
  • Furniture

Chan Family manage the museum, which was built by the great-grandfather of the Chan family, Chan Kim Lay’s upcoming generations to live in. The house has 3 terraces and all portions are around 20 ft wide and 180 ft long with an air well in the middle for proper air circulation. The artifacts and decor along with the furniture offer a mesmerizing experience.

The house was named Baba Nyonya, which means:

  • Baba. To address the Straits-born gentleman.
  • Nyonya. To address Straits-born lady honorifically.

To reach Baba and Nyonya Museum, you can get a trishaw ride or taxi drive to reach, which is near the old UNESCO Heritage district in Melaka, which is parallel to the famous Jonker Walk. The taxi from Zoo Melaka to the museum takes about 20 minutes. One can also walk from the Menara Taming Sari area, for you to reach the museum in approximately 15 minutes.

Shopping and eating at Jonker Street

Jonker Street is the main street of Chinatown, Melaka. You can shop for the following:

  • Clothes
  • Antiques
  • Souvenirs

Jonker Street is the night market held each Saturday and Sunday. The bustling Jonker Street is filled with:

  • Delicious food
  • Artistic creations
  • Bargaining

It also has plenty of attractions in and around it. There are numerous museums, temples and mosques. Each of them draws inspiration from all around the world, giving all visitors the perfect reason to not miss out on them.