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Is Granite Flooring A Good Idea?

Many people often use granite as kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Some people avoid using it as a flooring material because they believe it to be expensive. However, it is a common misconception. Granite has gained popularity due to its cost-effective pricing and durability. While there are expensive types, you can find some within your budget as well. 

Granite is usually the first pick when homeowners decide to do a remodel of their bathrooms or kitchen. It is a smart choice from a stylistic and functional perspective as well. If you have been considering decorating your home, consider looking at comptoir Granite au Sommet options. Meanwhile, here are some reasons to get granite flooring. 

Top reasons to consider granite flooring. 

  • Durable. 

Granite is a natural stone, which makes it one of the most durable materials. It is a famous igneous rock in which the glitter crystalline structure grows into itself. Heavy labor like pounding and chopping will not cause any damage to the surface. Many homeowners decide to go with granite tiles because it is nearly impossible to break and even resistant to scratches. 

  •  Aesthetic value. 

Choosing granite tiles over other natural stones adds more value to your home and interior spaces. Its design is versatile, and no two granite slabs are alike, which gives you a one-of-a-kind luxury to your bathroom, kitchen, or floors. It will complement any style, from traditional to modern, because it comes with countless design schemes like texture, color, or pattern. 

  • Easy to maintain. 

All natural stones require sealing to protect them from absorbing moisture and prolonging their life. Many people do not opt for granite because they think it is a high-maintenance material. After all, it requires sealing. 

However, it needs to undergo the process only once a year, which is quite an easy task as compared to other stones that require timely maintenance. Well-sealed granite is non-porous; therefore, you do not need to worry if you spill some juice or coffee over it. You can simply use a mixture of water and soap to easily clean the surface and restore it to its original value. 

  • Resistant to heat. 

Besides its natural beauty and toughness, granite has some other advantages as well. This natural stone is resistant to heat and moisture. There is a common misconception that granite feels very cold in low-temperature areas. However, this can be a beneficial feature for warm climate regions. Granite, like other natural stones, supports underfloor natural heating. The heat a granite can withstand is impossible for any other natural stone to hold.