Is Your Furnace Not Heating the Air? Here’s What to Do

If your furnace isn’t heating air, the solution may not be as simple as you think and it’s best to call a heating and cooling company. The entire central air system is quite complicated so having experts do the heavy lifting is the best thing.

While you want to still call a heating and cooling company, there are some things you can check on your own.

Check that the gas lines are available, the temperature is set on the thermostat, and the registers and vents are open. Sometimes, the answer is simple and there is just something blocking the system from the outside or there is no energy source connected to the heating unit.

Look at the Air Filter

The furnace may stop working because of internal buildup. If the filter is full then the clean air can’t pass through. This means that your furnace needs to work harder in order to distribute heat.

Dirty air filters could impact the system in a number of ways. Make it a habit to regularly replace the air filter. It helps keep indoor air clean and preserves the whole system.

The Heat Exchanger

A faulty or sticky heat exchanger can also be the cause of your furnace not heating properly. It’s an important part of the HVAC system. If there is build up covering the heat exchanger, it becomes sticky and it can’t properly oxygenate the flame.

If you have a sticky exchanger then you may even hear a small boom so often from your system. If you think it’s a faulty exchanger then you want to turn off the system immediately and wait for the contractor to arrive.

A professional heating and cooling company has advanced technical methods only available through training to make sure that your heating system is working properly.