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Whatever type of business you have, keeping your office clean and tidy matters. Proper office cleaning in Singapore can mean a lot for you, your business and your employees.

Even though office cleanliness is not one of your top priorities as a business owner, you should not exclude it from your to-do list. Your office cleanliness is just as crucial as managing products and promoting them to your customers.

To help you understand, consider reading through this article and find out why office cleanliness is essential and what you need to do to keep your office clean and tidy.

Part I: The Importance of Office Cleanliness


1. Create More Appealing Impression

Everyone knows that first impressions last beyond when they happen. When it comes to business, it transpires the moment a potential customer comes into your office. If everything looks like a mess, there is a high chance that they will have a poor impression and might not want to do a business deal with you.

A messy office can give your business the wrong image, like how unprofessional and unorganised you are with your work and customer service.

2. Prevent Pests

Another reason office cleaning matters in Singapore is to prevent pests. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents are just a few examples that your office might have if you left it messy for a long time.

Not getting rid of the existing pest can cause trouble for your employees. Instead of finishing their work on time, they might spend all day running away from flying cockroaches chasing them.

3. Improve Air Quality

Once you have kept the cleanliness of your office, you can improve the air quality. Your employees will not have trouble breathing, especially while wearing their masks inside the office. An improved air quality means no dust, dander, and other particles floating around the air.

4. Reduce The Risk Of Health And Wellness

Office cleaning your company in Singapore also means you will be able to reduce the risk to your employees’ health and wellness. A clean office ensures that they will not develop any health problems caused by dust like allergies and asthma.

Part II: How To Keep Your Office Clean And Tidy?

1. Start By Decluttering And Archiving What You Do Not Need

The first step you need to take when keeping your office clean and tidy is to declutter. Decluttering means removing all the unnecessary that you have and archiving the ones you rarely use.

Make sure to access each item before segregating them by type. Doing so will help when you need to find something later on.

2. Consider Rearranging Your Space

Arranging your office is another way you can do to keep your office clean and tidy. Before moving the office furniture from one place to another, do not forget to perform proper office carpet cleaning in Singapore.

With constant foot traffic, expect there will be dust, dander, and other particles embedded between the fibres.

3. Use Shelves For Extra Storage

If you have several things you need to store and you lack space, using shelves can give you enough extra storage. Make sure to get the ones with lots of layers so you can keep more items and place them in the corner so no one will bump into them.

4. Pay Attention To The Common Areas

Since the common areas are where most employees gather during the day, keeping these clean and tidy will make them happy. It can also ensure that your employees will not develop any health problems that could hinder them from working as efficiently as possible.

5. Keep Air Purifier Nearby

Apart from dusting the office furniture and mopping the floor, you also need to take note of the air quality of your office. Since the average adult breathes 12 to 20 times per minute, poor air quality can cause health problems like asthma and allergies.

To prevent that, consider keeping a couple of air purifiers nearby. Doing so will guarantee your employees breathe quality air as they work throughout the day.

6. Engage With An Office Cleaning Company

If you do not have an in-house office cleaner, consider engaging with an office cleaning company in Singapore instead. With their years of experience and expertise in the commercial cleaning industry, you can guarantee that your office will remain sparkling clean.

Listed below are factors you need to consider when choosing an office cleaning company in Singapore.

  • Years of experience
  • Read customer reviews
  • Cleaning speciality
  • The costs of cleaning service


Part III: What Are The Costly Office Cleaning Mistakes?


1. Ignoring Stains Or Spills

If you do so, you might not be able to remove the stains on the carpet. The only way to get rid of them is to seek help from professionals and request their office carpet cleaning in Singapore.

Be sure to educate your employees to clean the spill as soon as it happens so it will not leave any marks.

2. Incorrect Use Of Cleaning Supplies

No matter how new and high-tech your cleaning supplies are, not using them the right way will cause you trouble. They will not be clean well and might accidentally damage some parts of your office.

3. Using Harmful Chemicals

Even though your intention means no harm, using harmful chemicals in your office can cause trouble for your health and the environment. Your employees might not be able to breathe well as these things can sting their eyes and nose.

4. Cleaning With Dirty Tools And Equipment

Even though office cleaning happens every day, using dirty tools and equipment will waste all of your efforts. Make sure to use clean ones to keep your office clean and tidy.

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