Kitchen Works, Inc. Has Premium Cuisinart Parts

Like many people out there, I received my Cuisinart food processor as a gift (specifically, a wedding gift back in 2011). And also like many people out there (I hope), I barely touched the thing until recently. Honestly, I’m just not really much of a cook — I barely even knew how to use the thing!

But thanks to 2020 and the home cooking frenzy that occurred with the pandemic, I have been experimenting with my Cuisinart quite a bit. And I have to say… this thing is great! I can slice veggies, blend stuff for sauces, and do all kinds of other stuff I never considered before. I even made homemade mayo in the processor this summer, and it led to the best BLT I’ve ever had, I swear.

So naturally, I was pretty bummed when one of the blades for my processor broke off in the midst of trying to make almond butter from scratch. I figured that was the end of my cooking adventures — I don’t really have the cash to buy a new machine right now, and I figured I wouldn’t be able to get Cuisinart food processor parts for a machine that was a decade old. BUT THEN I discovered Kitchen Works, Inc.!

Firstly, I love that their site shows you how to identify your Cuisinart model. Without that useful information, I would have been blindly trying to find the part I needed. Their site is also easy to navigate and organized by model, so you can find the right parts without scrolling though million other processor blades. I found the part I needed, paid a reasonable price for it, and got it on my doorstep quickly (I’m in ATL, so your mileage may vary on shipping speeds).

Thank you, Kitchen Works, Inc. You helped me continue my journey from novice to cooking pro!