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Kitchen Works Saved the Day

Any other parents out there have a kid who just… won’t eat? Seriously, my little boy might be the pickiest creature on the planet! Right now, he’s only interested in a few dishes, one of which is noodles with homemade pesto (he won’t eat the store-bought stuff, I’ve tried). Usually, whipping up this dish is no problem — I just grab my trusty food processor, mix some basil, pine nuts, garlic and more, and blend to creamy, pesto-y perfection. BUT the last time my son requested this dish, something disastrous happened: I dropped the bowl, and it broke. 

If you’ve ever had a truly picky eater, you probably know exactly what was going through my head at that moment. To put it simply, I panicked. If I can’t make the pesto, he won’t eat. He’ll probably throw a tantrum. And again, most importantly, WHAT IS HE GOING TO EAT?! I actually tried to see if I could work with the cracked bowl (it didn’t work), but ultimately I had to tell my son that he wasn’t getting his favorite meal that night.

After a meltdown, a compromise, and lots of snuggles, I was determined to fix this dumb bowl so I could use my food processor again! I looked up repair hacks, I window shopped for a new machine, and finally I discovered the replacement food processor parts at Kitchen Works USA. 

I was impressed by the wide variety of parts available at Kitchen Works. It seems to me that no matter what type of food processor you have, they are going to have a replacement part that’s compatible with your machine. I also appreciate that their replacement parts come from the Cuisinart warehouse, instead of a third-party that might offer shoddy products for cheap. Whether you buy a new blade, a replacement cover, or even a whole new food processor, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product from a brand you trust. 

Kitchen Works USA made the process of replacing my work bowl really easy. Firstly, their website contains helpful information on how to identify the model of your machine, as well as information that can help you find the most compatible replacement part for your current food processor. I was able to find the right work bowl for my machine, order it on the Kitchen Works website, and receive it at my door in just a few days! My order was in great condition, and it fit with my food processor perfectly. I was able to make pesto for my little one that night, and (not to brag) he said it was the best I’d ever made!

Thank you, Kitchen Works USA. Your selection of high-quality Cuisinart Food Processor parts allowed me to continue using my food processor without overspending on a new machine. But most importantly, it allowed me to give my son a meal that he was actually happy to eat, which brought me more than a little peace of mind. I know that I’ll be visiting this site again the next time my food processor breaks!