LED Mirrors: How Do They Work, and Why Do You Need One

LED Mirrors

Certain aspects of your bathroom are more significant, so that you may devote most of your time and money to new flooring and plumbing fixtures. However, the appropriate bathroom mirrors are essential for boosting your bathroom’s appearance, value, and functionality.

If you go to a home improvement or interior decor shop, you will discover a wide variety of mirrors that would look great in your bathroom. Allow your contractor or builder to choose a conventional builder’s grade mirror. While good, traditional mirrors lack the character and individuality you and your bathroom need.

You may decide the size, shape, and general appearance of your mirrors by customizing them. Consider tiny oval mirrors with beveled glass or a giant walnut wood-framed mirror. Mirrors in decorative forms, spherical mirrors, or mirrors that take up the full wall behind your vanity are all viable bathroom ideas.

The appropriate mirrors may not only add style to your bathroom, but they can also enhance its functionality. Mirrors tailored to your specific requirements will make applying cosmetics, shaving, fixing your hair, and getting dressed simpler and more efficient.

Before you begin, be sure you choose the right size mirrors. The top of the mirror should be a few inches above the eye level of the tallest individual using the restroom when installed. This positioning guarantees you and other family members have the best view possible while grooming and dressing in the mirror.

Another way a bespoke mirror might enhance the functionality of your bathroom is through storage. Consider mirrors in conjunction with cabinets over your vanity. These cabinets provide a mirrored surface as well as storage space for toiletries and other stuff.

If your bathroom has a window, have your contractor put your vanity and vanity mirrors on the opposite wall from the window. This placement guarantees that natural light from the window enters the room and bounces off the mirrors, boosting bathroom lighting and making the area brighter.

Check the infographic below from Remer to learn more about LED Mirrors, specifically how they work and why you need one.