Life Goes on Despite Safety Protocols in Place

Everyone can agree that the world is going through one of its roughest patches these days. Several governments the world over have decided to put their respective jurisdictions under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. However, there are certain industries that cannot simply be put to a halt, and so their workers continue to plow through, taking extra precautions to avoid infection.

As for a regular citizen like you, perhaps the world has gotten smaller–as small as the four walls of your room, even–but life goes on. Here’s what you can do to keep a normal lifestyle during the pandemic:

Identify work areas to increase productivity

If you’re one of the lucky employees who don’t have to worry about your salary because you can work from home, the problem isn’t about financial insecurity. It’s about keeping yourself sane during a lockdown. It’s important to divide your time efficiently between work and personal life, so that you will not feel like work is all that you’re doing. It will also help if you separate the workspace and personal space at home. Perhaps set up a home-office in a quiet corner. Anywhere will do, as long as it’s not your bed.

Dress like you’re going somewhere

Working from home means you don’t have to get dressed and worry about the commute. However, for all the hassles they bring, these activities are good for one thing: transitioning your mind from home mode to work mode. When you take them away, you find it harder to get started and concentrate. To fix this, get dressed every day before you start working. This way, you’re conditioning your body to be in work mode. Plus, if you go through all the trouble of putting on makeup, you’ll be more motivated to not waste the day, so you’ll get your job done. Then, at the end of the day, treat yourself to a pampering face mask from online stores. This will then transition your brain from work mode to relax mode.

Set a clear work schedule

On the first few days of the quarantine, you may not be able to adjust quickly. Or maybe the first day was not a big deal, but on the third day, you feel like you can’t work in this kind of arrangement anymore. Remember, this is a completely new setup, and like anything else, there’s an adjustment period. Think of it like forming a new habit. It takes at least 18 days to get used to it so hang in there and keep to your schedule. If you can talk to your teammates on the phone regularly, that will help ease the isolation you might be feeling. Try not to look at the news too much while “at work”, so that you will not add stress to the anxiety you’re already feeling.

Humans are social beings. It’s perfectly normal that you want to go out and have fun with your friends. However, in dangerous times, it’s better to stay put and stay safe. While you’re unable to go out, make the most of your time working at home.