Limo Bus Services You can Choose At the Moment

How lucky, not all limousine companies are fully booked for the balls in June. However, before booking, it is best to ask a few questions. The most attractive offer is not necessarily the best.

Student special, $ 175 an hour, reads one of the advertisements on the Internet. Interesting, no doubt, but what kind of limousine is it? In fact, is it really a limousine? A basic question, but it must be asked, in the opinion of several limousine companies contacted.

  • Pay attention to the best price. Go there, ask to see the car and make sure it is the one on the contract.
  • The contract signed with the dealer mentioned a Lincoln, but not a word on the model and year of manufacture.

There are still some fly by night in this industry, admits Sam, of SLS Limousine. They buy old limos, fix them up and then offer the service. There is a finding deplored by several Montreal limousine companies. The use of the Toronto Limo Service is important there. The limo service option is open and that is the reason you can have to have the smartest solutions there.

You can mention the destination there and that is why you can have the smartest solutions for the parties. The charges may different in respect to the time of travel as well as the options for different luxuries. The deals are now available online and so you can choose and book from there also.

To remember

  • Make sure you are doing business with a recognized company or one with a place of business.
  • The contract must include the make, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle. To avoid surprises, demand to see it before signing the agreement.
  • In general, the price of a limousine varies between $ 1500 and $ 3000 for 10 hours. Up to eight passengers can occupy it. There is also an hourly rate, which varies between $ 125 and $ 200.
  • Some companies also offer stretch limousines and luxury buses that can accommodate up to 28 people.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited on board.

Car rental with private driver represents an interesting alternative nowadays to enjoy your holidays in complete freedom, to participate in a special celebration or even to ensure a business trip. It is the best means of transport for short or long trips solo, couple, small group or family.

Car rental with private driver: its advantages

In urban areas, a rental car with driver also allows you to avoid the hassle of finding parking. You can make the most of your vacation without thinking about this parking problem in big cities, since it’s up to your private transport to fend for itself and drive you to each place and site to see at the scheduled times. Hiring a car with a private driver also saves you time during your stay. Your experienced private driver perfectly masters all the routes and roads to be taken to avoid traffic jams and to quickly connect the various points of interest.