Mark Roemer Discusses Ways A Minimalist Lifestyle Helps Reduce Anxiety


Anxiety followed by depression is one of the most common life syndromes that most people go through in this fast-paced life of today. Every person has a different reason to go through this and counsellors work to identify the underlying reason for this kind of mental state. It has been observed that a minimalist lifestyle cures you of anxiety to a great extent as it eases a lot of burden you might be subconsciously carrying. In this article, Mark Roemer discusses ways a minimalist lifestyle helps reduce anxiety.

The Ways

  1. It makes life simpler– When you declutter your space, you can get rid of a lot of burden off your shoulders. Things that were frivolous purchases and not exactly what you needed would be gone. With it the pressure of cleaning and maintaining them would be gone too and make you relaxed. Now you have to make purchases only for what is necessary for your livelihood, making shopping simpler and easier. Also, you don’t need to worry about managing finances to buy items that you don’t need.
  2. Your mind gets clear and focused– If you feel your house is full of things like furniture and unnecessary gadgets or a wardrobe overflowing with clothing, it tends to induce a feeling of anxiety. A clearer space in your house makes it look cleaner, more organized, and makes you free of the cramped feeling that slowly seems to overtake you. A sense of calmness and peace prevails after you have disposed of the unutilized objects from your home.
  3. It is more cost effective– When you do not have to worry about buying something just for the sake of it, you tend to save a lot of money in the long term. You don’t need to buy heaps of designer wear that you might scarcely use, or gadgets that you will hardly use. You end up simplifying your life and finances as well and have the emotional security of having some money saved to get you through on a rainy day. 
  4. 4. Minimalism increases energy– When you get back home from work to a decluttered space, you infuse positivity in yourself. Having fewer stuff means you take less time to clean and maintain them and use that extra energy to do other things that demand your attention. It also reduces the guilt you might be having for buying something and not using it much. Guilt is a negative emotion that triggers anxiety and depression. So, you must get rid of it.
  5. Reduces decision fatigue– Have you noticed that Mark Zuckerberg wears grey T-shirts every day or that Barack Obama wore very similar suits and ties. This is because they wanted to be free of the decision fatigue that appears when you have to decide what to wear each day. You must have felt that you spend a lot of time pondering over these things that should be avoided. Having a minimalist lifestyle will leave you with fewer options and reduce the decision fatigue.


Mark Roemer suggests going minimalist for enjoying a healthier state of mind and happier lifestyle. Having less objects in the house means less things to worry about and less mental load.