Must Haves When Bringing Your Pet On A Vacation

You think deciding what to carry for your vacation is a tough call. Add your furry buddy to the mix, and you will have even more to ponder. Reservations, phone, gas in tank, wallet, keys, furry friend – check. You even have an itinerary of places to visit with some snacks packed. But what about your fur-vourite furry friend? Pets generally have a place in the hearts of many people and even considered to be part of the family. So it’s not surprising to see people travelling with their pets. Here are some Must-Haves When Bringing Your Pet On A Vacation:

Bed & Crate

By the time your pet is going on vacation, your pet must be used to being in a carrier or crate; otherwise, the vacation won’t be feasible. You can make the floor of any hotel and car backseat feel just like home. A familiar scent will aid in giving them a structure so they don’t make a fuss on the furniture or hotel sheets, which can end up costing you. The crate serves a double purpose of being a home and a means of transport while on transit.

Poop Bags

Since you and your furry buddy are on vacation, let them indulge in top-nosh meals as well. But these means you’ll be in charge of what comes after. As a pet owner, the last thing you want is some poopaganda going around that your travelling companion leaves his/her business everywhere.  Poop bags are an indispensable resource given they come in plenty, are cheap, and environment-friendly.

Food & Water

Just like us humans, pets have to be fed and regularly hydrated as well. Chances are that the dog doesn’t know you’re going on vacation, so you have to ensure you’ve brought enough wet food or kibble for the entire duration of your stay. But don’t be too loose, regulate the intake to avoid any stomach upsets that may ‘let the dogs out.’ Make sure to carry along the dishes they use every day for food and water. You want your buddy feeling right at home. Make occasional stops to give your furry buddy some wate, toor.


If your pet gets anxious when exposed to new environments or new people, using treats is an excellent way to soothe their worries and reward their good behavior. They are bark-bone of getting them to obey commands. Pet food uk treats are healthy, free from any artificial preservatives, favours or colours. Vets have endorsed it throughout UK and Trade-barked by the dogs. There are also some super yummy wammy treats for the meowing heads approved by the whiskers.

When going on vacation, don’t forget to carry the essentials you’ll need, and while you’re at it, don’t forget about your furry vacation companion. For the best pet food uk products, visit https://barkingheads.co.uk/collections/dog-bundles to stock up when going on vacation with your pet. There are plenty of barking heads and meowing heads products to cover your buddy all through the vacation. You’ll even end up saving up to 20% on bulk offers.

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