Neural network to create adult content  

Humanity is just beginning to realize what artificial intelligence can be capable of. It is already becoming clear that it has the potential to eliminate cancer, stop traffic accidents and perhaps even formulate an effective plan to change the Earth’s climate. Luckily for us, some of the smartest people on the planet are working on ways to harness the enormous power of AI for these good purposes. Others use it to create adult content with the help of generators. 

Nudity editing options in neutral networks 

The principle of operation of a neural network came to programming from biology. The pioneers of neural networks were not so much programmers as neurophysiologists and psychologists.

You can sign up, upload an image, set the output type, and upload a generative AI model in less than 2 minutes. There are no problems interacting with Nudify tools and settings. Once you’ve created enough images, you’ll find several options for uploading them. 

At the same time, for famous people, fake content created using nudify AI also carries reputational risks. Stars – actors and musicians – whose images were used to create deepnudes can always try to prove that these images were simply generated by neural networks, but the very fact of this can still spoil their reputation.

Will neural networks replace human labor?

At risk are professions that are associated more with attentiveness than with high qualifications: photo processing, paperwork, and assessment of insurance claims. Of course, artificial intelligence influences the labor market, but it cannot completely replace the work of the human brain. 

To remain a sought-after specialist, it is necessary to develop soft skills and master new hard skills, for example, programming or working with big data. Netology has developed a guide from which you will learn what new professions may appear in the near future, what is worth studying and how to choose a profession that will not lose its relevance in a few years.