Perfect Choices in Choosing the Right Kind of Italian Furniture

For many of us, Italian furniture is associated with carved legs, gilding, ornate patterns and other elements typical of the classics, but Italian artisans also produce furniture in other styles. When choosing, it should start with the characteristics of the room, where the dining room furniture will stand. It is important that everything is in harmony, so it is better to think in advance about the characteristics of the decoration and furniture, even before the start of the repair. Get more info about it now easily.

Italian dining room furniture is most often made in the following styles:


It involves the use of solid wood, the presence of decorative sculptures. The colors are sober and calm, generally used in brown, black, creamy, terracotta, other natural colors. The upholstery of the chairs is made from expensive fabrics, can be plain or with a pattern, the technique of carriage coupling is often used. Tables and dressers receive sculpted or convex legs, the counter is made of wood, porcelain stoneware or glass. The most expensive and most luxurious articles can be covered with a thin layer of silver or gold, receive inlays of precious stones.

Classic italian style dining room furniture


It is a modern direction, characterized by conciseness and simplicity of form. Tables and chairs can be made of wood, but without decorative elements, and can be made of metal, glass and MDF. At the same time, sustainability and quality play a key role. The color palette is sober, tends to calm the shades of black and white. You might think such furniture looks boring, but it isn’tItalian manufacturers have skillfully beat the idea of ​​the triumph of geometry, and as a result, they get beautiful, functional furniture that attracts ‘Warning;Italian dining room furniture in modern style

modern . The style has taken many of the classics, in high-esteem wood, textiles, as well as glass. Few decorative details come first, but the finesse of the lines. A table with a round top, chairs where the backrest and armrests form a smooth semicircular line, legs curved in a fanciful wayall these are the characteristic features of modern furniture.

Italian dining room furniture in modern style

art deco Is a combination of luxury and severity. Tables and chairs receive the correct geometric shapes, are made of wood and glass, leather trimmings can be used. The style is characterized by everything that is shiny, so that the dining table often has a smooth lacquered surface. The nuances are calm, but contrasted. Dining room furniture in this style often combines chocolate and beige, black and whiteit looks strict and elegant.

Italian art deco dining room furniture

Major manufacturers divide all their furniture into collections, so it will be easy to navigate. If the dining room is already equipped, personal preferences will not suffice on their ownyou will have to take into account the style of the existing furniture and decoration, otherwise even expensive exclusive furniture will not be able to make the dining room harmonious and noble.