Power Illusion, Illusion of Power

Within my last articles I mentioned the fatal flaws in the present ruling paradigm the paradigm of materialism rooted in dualistic thinking. Materialism not just does not explain many essential regions of our reality, nevertheless its logical structure also fails.

Materialism does not explain past existence recall, reincarnation, near dying experience, telepathy, telekinesis and so on… despite the fact that evidence for people these phenomena is documented and statistically unassailable. Materialism does not explain the inspiration of existence on the planet, speciation, awareness… but science is keeping this false belief system, this illusion, apparently whatsoever.

Materialism also fails by internal logic matter, considered fundamental by materialism, is convertible into energy and into matter. Nuclear energy and particle accelerators do that conversion every day, unquestionably. If matter were truly fundamental, the most effective foundation all existence, this conversion couldn’t happen.

For matter to obtain energy as well as for energy to obtain matter there should be a typical functioning principle by which the conversion occurs… along with the CFP of matter/energy must clearly be fundamental than either matter or energy. Matter and will also be the switch sides in the more fundamental CFP, whatever it might be.

The potency of illusionary belief is immense mainstream science is bound by false belief, by illusion. The dogmas of materialist science are rooted in illusion no evidence showing the failure within the prevailing paradigm or illusion is examined or even proven to exist. The taboo against such analysis is simply too effective for basically a couple of mavericks who investigate reality regardless of mainstream dogma.

History is filled with types of the potency of illusion once the illusion our world is flat won, voyagers were afraid to visit to ocean given that they would ‘fall within the edge’. When Galileo proven our world isn’t inside the center on the planet, the forces that be… inside the situation cardinals within the Catholic Church… declined to appear through his telescope. Searching inside the evidence was forbidden by taboo. Searching to find out may have been an admission their beliefs, also called illusions, were wrong.

Eventually all illusion is shattered when the illusion in the flat earth disappeared, mariners became a member of the seas with no anxiety about ‘falling within the edge’. When the illusion our world is within the center on the planet disappeared, science and cosmology progressed without hindrance.

The best illusion of may be the illusion of power. Particularly, real power is conflated with illusion of power. The united states . States military might well be possibly the finest in the planet. The destructive power natural within the myriad guns, bullets, rockets, and bombs this military instructions is obviously. The illusion is founded on the fact just one man, the Commander in Chief, controls this awful power. The illusion is the fact a large number of humans functions inside the whim of a single individual that the ‘chain of command’ represents real power.

The chain of command is unquestionably an illusion, and possesses power only when then when extended because the illusion remains intact. Mutinies, military stand-downs, revolutions, civil wars are types of shattered illusion. Once shattered, illusion loses power. Such may be the fate of illusion, even when outstanding attempts are produced by TPTB to keep a fantasy.

Within the Soviet military, considered once the second finest turn on Earth, communist ‘commissars’ supported the troops… to make sure that orders were obeyed, the illusions of Communism were upheld, inside the discomfort of dying. Indoctrination, brainwashing, threats are widely-used to keep up with the established order, the ruling illusion… but eventually the illusion shatters, and the potency of the illusion vanishes.