Process involved in Forming a company in UAE

In this article, our main focus will be to discuss on the processes that are involved in company formation in Dubai. The main aim of the article is to help you understand the process so that you have the necessary guide

company formation in Dubai could be a very tedious or rather difficult process especially because of the very many regulations which exists in the United Arab Emirates.

For any Company to be registered or allowed to operate in the UAE, it needs to have a trade license in Dubai. This license allows you to operate business in the country without any form of disturbance from any governmental agencies or groups of persons. This license actually differs from business to business. Its difference is based upon the category of business you want to operate. The procedure of getting this license is often an obstacle to company formation in Dubai. You need to either fill some forms online or walk to a business registration office and fill some forms to be eligible for the company formation in Dubai.

In Dubai, there are 3 types of licenses that are issued in Dubai for those who are interested in company formation in Dubai in order for them to register their companies depending on the kind of business they want to be involved in.

  • Commercial license: This is a kind of license that is issued to those who wants to get involved in only trading activities such as buying and selling.
  • Industrial license: this license is issued to only the business person who wants to engage in the production of goods or any other industrial related services. They usually are those people who produces the things mostly used in the UAE ranging from household items to technological equipment.
  • Professional license: this kind of license is issued only to those who will be engaged in professional services like the Doctors, Engineers etc. Basically, the license is issued only to service providers who wants to turn their skills to a company.

For clarity purpose, it is then important that a business person walks into the business registration office in person and gat facts by himself to avoid any kind of misconceptions. The license is so  important for the formation of your company in the UAE. Although you may fill the forms, giving you the license is not an instant process. It takes a lot of paperwork and process to make it possible and swift for the entrepreneur who wants to be involved with company formation in Dubai