Reasons to Buy Horum Slow Juicers

Why buy a Horum slow juicers machine? First, let us explore this juicer’s performance, quality, and warranty features. We’ll also discuss the removability of parts, ten years of warranty, and the quality of the machine. Read on to learn more! Buying a juicer is an investment, so be sure to spend time researching before you buy. Then, you can make an informed decision.

Removable parts

The Hurom slow juicer may be the right choice if you’re looking for a slow juicer. It’s equipped with high containers and removable parts for easy cleaning. The Hurom juicer is made to hold enough fruits and vegetables for several glasses of juice. The unit’s warranty is generous – 15 years! – and it’s priced more affordably than other juicers in its class. Some online reviewers have mentioned that the pulp filter sometimes clogs. Nonetheless, this slow juicer works well and has a long shelf life, making it a great buy.

This juicer is one of the most popular slow juicers on the market. It juices at 43 RPMs and offers multiple pulp adjustment options. It also mixes the juice and clears the pulp screen. It has a self-cleaning system, but it isn’t perfect. The Hurom HH Elite comes with two brushes and a cleaning brush to ensure the machine is clean.

10-year warranty

The Hurom Slow Juicer NZ manufacturer stands behind its products by offering a 10-year limited warranty on all motors and parts. However, Hurom will not be responsible for any economic loss or consequential damages that may arise due to any alleged defect in the product. The warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser of an authorized reseller. The warranty does not cover the costs associated with obtaining replacement parts and does not extend to any other HUROM product.

The Hurom slow juicer machine is built in Korea and features Ultem resin and 150-watt induction motors. It undergoes rigorous testing and screening before dispatch. The company stands behind its products with a 10-year warranty and guarantees they are free of defects. Further, the company is committed to customer service so that customers may expect a prompt response to any concerns.


Slow juicers, or masticating juicers, are an excellent way to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. They can produce many delicious juices, including additive-free, fun citrus-ades. In addition to juicing fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients, slow juicers can also be used to prepare a variety of juices suitable for detoxification and cleansing. They can even be used to prepare desserts.

The Hurom HAA Slow Juicer is capable of handling almost any juice recipe and is capable of achieving a 63% juice yield. In our tests, this juicer was the only slow juicer to break the 60 percent barrier, while the Hurom HAA Slow Juicer produced 68% of juice from a tropical mix. These figures were impressive for a slow juicer, making it a wise purchase for any kitchen.


The Hurom brand is a Korean appliance company that creates top-quality slow juicers machine. These machines are easy to use and are highly rated for quality. Hurom has been around for over 40 years, and its juicers have been featured in popular publications like Business Insider, Men’s Fitness, and Sports Illustrated. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a juicer, you might be wondering how to choose the best one for you. Here are a few things to consider before buying a Hurom juicer:

Hurom slow juicers feature a 70-rpm auger that crushes produce as it squeezes through the juicing screen. In addition, the Hurom juicer comes with a recipe book, a user manual, a cleaning brush, and a pulp container. There’s no need to buy a separate pulp container; you can fill both up with a few cups of juice. In addition, the Hurom slow juicers machine also comes with a liquid and pulp container.


The Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer is a sleek masticating juicer with a stylish design. Its auger rotates at 43 RPM and squeezes the produce slowly for maximum flavor. It includes multiple strainer options to choose how much pulp you want to juice, including leafy greens. This machine is made from high-quality materials and is effective at juicing greens. However, it has average performance when it comes to producing juice.

The Hurom HZ is one of the premium models. It has various attachments, such as a tofu press, ice cream strainer, lemon squeezer, and a citrus juicer. You can also convert the machine into a stand-alone electric citrus press if you’d prefer. Hurom’s HZ juicer costs between $300 and $700. Its two-year parts and motor warranties provide excellent value for money. Unfortunately, the company’s customer service department can be slow, especially in South Korea.