Reasons Why People Experience Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual awakenings occur for many reasons. Life-altering occasions alter completely the way a person sees himself or herself, what s/he thinks is important and how they live. However, spiritual awakenings are highly personal experiences that differ from one individual to another, although some trends generally cause and lead to them. 

The impact of spiritual awakening

One of the most common motives for people going through a spiritual awakening is experiencing a significant life crisis. Bereavement, severe illness, separation, or unemployment may be among the events that challenge an individual’s sense of security that forms his basic identity.  The intense feelings and suffering experienced in times like these usually weaken the barriers to spiritual connection as individuals long for courage, solace, and comprehension.

 Disillusionment also precedes spiritual awakening. Over time, life’s realities cease measuring up to what one expects. Dissatisfied with status, consumerism, achievements, and relationships as sources of lasting happiness, men slip into a disillusioned state. Many begin drifting towards more altruistic modes of living marked by mindfulness and compassion while questioning lives driven by materialism and ego-defined conditionality developed from social teachings at Infinite Inspirit.

Some others are consciously led into spiritual journeys by their curiosity about life and reality. Some of them are maneuvered by deep wonder due to life, reality or even spirituality. These philosophical seekers have a curiosity for metaphysics and its theories as such read books on their subjects, go to class and engage in dialogues that critically analyze both mystical and scientific world views. Sometimes, after years of study, existential questions can push one’s consciousness into greater awareness and enlightenment making it question what is already known while also coming up with new ones.Sometimes, people go through spiritual awakenings without any apparent triggers or attempts in the spiritual realm. Some experience a sudden opening in their lives when universal energy takes over, sweeping away ego boundaries while doing everyday things like gardening, dancing, staring at the sunset, or touching the lips of an infant. The inexplicable merger with the Absolute causes a permanent shift of consciousness, which sees it recognize the sacred unity behind what appears to be multiple forms.


These spiritual awakenings can be challenging at times, but they make it possible to see life through the lens of an eternal sacred being playing a temporary human role in this world. The new concept of the meaning of human existences as a school for finding out our boundless absolute reality brings inner peace, happiness, and serenity.