Reasons Why You Need Private Guards for Your Trade Shows in Fort Worth

  • Exhibitors leave products on the show floor overnight.

Another difficulty with trade exhibitions is that they are typically multi-day events, so many things are left on-site overnight or even for several nights. When the light goes down, buildings become considerably more vulnerable to incursion, especially if no one is there to keep an eye on things. One alternative is to hire 24-hour security to keep an eye on the location and guarantee that no illegal individuals enter. However, you’ll want to make sure that your security team is properly trained and vetted to avoid being a part of the problem. Depending on the value of the commodities at your trade show, normal night security guards may be insufficient, necessitating the involvement of a more sophisticated trade show security system.

  • Attendance at trade shows is high.

The size of the venue determines how much traffic a trade show receives. In 2019, the average exhibition in the United States drew over 4,900 visitors, while exhibitions with over 100,000 visitors are occasionally held. The Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Las Vegas, for example, draws 180,000 visitors each year, while the CONEXPO-CON building trade show in the city draws 125,000. The E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the RSA Conference in San Francisco, the InfoComm Show in Orlando, and the NRF: Retail’s Big Show in New York are some of the other major trade shows. Even so, your event doesn’t have to be world-famous to require security, as thieves will target any concert with a high potential for profit, especially if the venue lacks proper security to deter crime.

  • You’re unsure who you can entrust your security to.

There’s always the possibility that your sellers will be targeted by security personnel or other exhibitors. There’s no way of knowing if you can trust the representatives of every company that attends your trade show unless you’ve worked with them before. Because the vendors would not know one other, this problem is especially prominent at large trade events with hundreds of exhibitors from around the country. Smaller regional fairs are safer in theory since the same firms attend each event and form ties with the exhibitors.

Vendors will have more access to the venue than the general public, which means they may be on-site before the doors open in the morning or after they close at night, exacerbating the problem. By ensuring that there is a technique of watching suppliers and security team members, upgrading your security solution to incorporate 24-hour monitoring will assist ease this issue.

  • There are valuables on the premises.

Trade exhibitions are held in almost every industry imaginable, and important equipment is frequently on display. Because of the magnitude of the exhibits, car and boat fairs are difficult to steal from, yet costly vandalism can happen. Your staff will be able to handle possible defacement before it causes substantial damage if you have a high-end security system installed. Because many products are tiny enough for a thief to take and wander away fast, shows in the smartphone, retail, collectibles, science, medical, and fitness industries, among others, are more prone to theft. Security procedures are necessary because vendors cannot always keep an eye on their products.

Few Words from Ranger Security Agency

Trade exhibitions are high-volume, multi-faceted events. Providing a high-end security at your trade shows could add to your reputation. Contracting a professionally qualified security company, such as Ranger Security Agency in Fort Worth, TX, will allow you to focus on your idea of an outstanding trade fair instead of worrying about security.