It is hard to predict the result of something important, which is why people tend to think twice before deciding to begin a specific plan. That also goes to anyone who is considering the purchase of a timeshare. Please think twice before signing any dotted line. So many people sign up for a timeshare contract without getting complete knowledge of the pros and cons involving the ownership of a timeshare.   If you already own a timeshare and need a timeshare refund, you need to contact the People’s Advocate.


That should not be your case! Some people have no idea of the total cost of a timeshare; all they do is go ahead with the first special assessment or tax bill. And the situation of you being in the down the line and you can’t afford the timeshare payment, you will face foreclosure. 

Top Reasons To Think Carefully Before Purchasing a Timeshare

  • Salespeople of Timeshare are known to be notorious for hard sell-:

Most individuals attend a timeshare presentation without any thought of purchasing a timeshare. Mainly, they intend for the promised free round of golf, restaurant meal, or spa treatment. But, unfortunately, the individuals leave the presentation as the owners of Timeshare, while other people venture into the presentation with the mind of buying a timeshare.

 But, they get stocked into signing a contract without checking the pros and cons or checking the total cost of ownership timeshare. Depending on the Timeshare location, you can cancel the contract only when you act quickly if you are a victim of such.

  • You are eligible for more than just a mortgage payment-:

When you cannot afford to meet up for the payment for the Timeshare, you might otherwise get a mortgage. But it will be wise to go through the print of the contract of the Timeshare. It would be nice if you had in mind that you would be responsible for any other expenses in addition to the mortgage.

An individual is mostly privileged for special assessment, utilities, property taxes, and maintenance fees in the contract of Timeshare. Failure to make payments for those things can make the timeshare developers foreclose on your Timeshare.

  • Timeshare is not a good investment-:

In the aftermarket, there are very, but few buyers are looking to buy a timeshare. And it will make them very hard to sell. The result might not be appealing because you are likely to lose money when you resorts, that will be nice. But it will be nice not to buy one as an investment.

If you want to purchase a timeshare to enjoy your vacation in your choice of resort successfully, don’t choose Timeshare as an investment.

  • There is a rampant resale of Timeshare -:

As it is hard to sell timeshare interest, many artists who are scammers are rampant, known as timeshare resale brokers. These individuals convince you that they have a buyer for your Timeshare and that they can broker a sale but without any price.

These scammers will urge you to pay high money, and they will not manage to sell your Timeshare. But you need to know that not all timeshare resellers are scammers, and some states have enacted laws with the mind of protecting consumers from the scammers of Timeshare.

  • In your federal tax return, you will not deduct a loss on a timeshare-:

It is almost certain that you will sell your Timeshare at a loss; if that happens, you will not deduct a loss on the federal tax return income. But keep in mind that there is some exception.

  • You are going to face foreclosure if you default on timeshare payment-:

Buying a timeshare shows that you are purchasing an interest in real estate. You will undoubtedly face foreclosure if you default on those payments when you take out a loan to pay for part of the price on the Timeshare. But it doesn’t end at that. If you happen to default on the other timeshare financial obligations you have, for instance, special assessment, maintenance fees, and taxes, you are likely to face foreclosure.

There are negative consequences involving foreclosure, which include a hit on your credit score, a higher cost of future loans or credit, and you will also face difficulty in getting another loan.


We have seen the reason to think carefully before making any decision that you will regret later. Although many people think that buying a timeshare is a great deal, it saves them money by booking a hotel room. But in reality, Timeshare is not a good investment. Do the necessary research before deciding on anything. When you get enough facts, then you make your choices.