Research and studies explain the treatment levels of reflexology 

For knowing reflexology there are not so many studies that cover this topic and explains it. But there are a few theories which are not wholely proved are there to explain this therapy. Many of the experts are considering that these are existing in the low-quality standards. Adding to that in the review from 2014 concluding that most of this reflexology is not an effective side of treatment for many of the medical conditions.

But this reflexology massage therapy San Antonio has some valuable complementary therapy which helps to reduce the symptoms and improving the quality of much of the things with normal massaging. But still, the massage area is around the feet and some people are getting relief by this and getting the way out from major stress and other discomforts. In this article, we are going to see some of the things about reflexology and how this helps in managing pain and other anxiety levels.

Pain-relieving factors:

The study in 2011 that formed from the national cancer university, says that the experts who study under this reflexology and how this is taking care of its patients under a deep survey. For that initially, they picked 250 women who are affected by the advanced stage of breast cancer. In this, every woman is going for chemotherapy to treat their cancer.

In this survey, this reflexology helped to treat the cancer symptoms and make them get out of the symptomatic pain. This helped to get relief from the shortness of breathing and other symptoms. The patients told that their quality of life had been improved and also they do not get any extra pain from this treatment.

After these experts had started look after the premenstrual syndrome diseased patients, the study about PMS pain had been taking under 35 women after two weeks of proper reflexology they had positively experience the changes. But still, we cannot wholly go with this study because the study had taken very few amounts of people so we cannot go with the long-term results. It can reduce this PMS pain under some of the basic categories.

Stress and anxiety:

In a study during the 2000s, the researchers had taken a survey that the patients who are dialyzing under lung cancer or breast cancer had been treated with the reflexology for about thirty minutes along with their treatments. The others are not having this reflexology the difference can visually result. The patient who went to the reflexology said that they had been able to control their anxiety and can move freely without any stress.

After that, a study by 2014 which takes a larger pressure because this time they had been dealing the heart surgery patients. The reflexology had been taken by them for about twenty minutes for a week and at the end of the surprising result that they can able to feel the lower level of anxiety than the people who did not go to that touches.

These reports say that in some cases this treatment works in a better way and in other cases this does not give the right result but for anxiety control, this is the best treatment to go with.