Revolutionizing Outdoor Cooking: Grigliare Duro’s Stainless Steel Grill and BBQ Innovations

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the “griglia acciaio inox” or stainless steel grill is a vital tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike. One standout product in this category is the “Griglia Pieghevole con borsa in Acciaio inossidabile” offered by Grigliare Duro Shop.

This portable and foldable grill is praised for its high-quality 304 stainless steel construction, which not only ensures resistance to oxidation and corrosion but also provides lightweight durability.

Its large size, measuring 43×32 cm and weighing only 1.45 kg, makes it ideal for picnics, barbecues, camping, and more, ensuring it stands out in the competitive market of stainless steel grills​​.

Grigliare Duro has established itself as a leader in the Italian BBQ scene since 2015, offering a wide array of products that cater to every grilling need. Their range includes various categories such as BBQ accessories, pizza ovens, charcoal, pellets, fuels, smoking woods, kitchen knives, thermometers, spices, and gift boxes, among others. They also offer in-person barbecue courses, which have become quite popular​​.

The brand’s commitment to the BBQ community extends beyond products. Grigliare Duro has a substantial online presence with over 25,000 members on Facebook and 58,000 followers on Instagram, offering a platform for BBQ enthusiasts to share experiences and tips. They also offer exclusive weekly recipes, product discounts, and advice to their community members​​.

In addition to their flagship grills, Grigliare Duro also offers a variety of other innovative products. The “Alza Griglia” is a solid tool made from approximately 3 mm thick steel, designed to lift grills without

hands getting burned. It is a testament to the brand’s attention to the practical needs of its users​​. Another noteworthy product is the “Kit 6 Spiedi professionali,” a set of six professional skewers, each featuring a slider for easy removal of cooked food. This product has been well-received for its functionality and quality​​.

For grill maintenance, they offer the “Guarnizione per Barbecue resistente al calore,” a heat-resistant sealant for BBQs. This product is designed to adhere to the edges of a barbecue, preventing heat or smoke leakage. The sealant roll is 2.3 meters long, 1.9 cm wide, and 0.32 cm thick, fitting a wide range of barbecue models​​.

The “BBQ Mat Super Spesso” is another accessory that stands out. These thick barbecue mats, made of non-stick Teflon, are designed to enhance the flavor of food by preventing the loss of cooking juices. Versatile and easy to clean, they can be used for a variety of foods from pizzas to pancakes, and are dishwasher-safe for convenience​​.

Innovation in barbecue accessories is further seen in the “Grill Bag,” a reusable Teflon bag designed to simplify grilling small or chopped items without the risk of them falling into the fire. This product showcases Grigliare Duro’s commitment to convenience and quality in outdoor cooking​​.

Grigliare Duro also offers various online courses for barbecue enthusiasts. These courses, like “A Cena con Muscas – Corso Avanzato,” provide advanced learning opportunities for those looking to hone their BBQ skills. These courses have received positive reviews, underscoring the brand’s commitment to education in the art of grilling​​.

What sets Grigliare Duro apart in the competitive market of stainless steel grills is their holistic approach. They not only offer a high-quality “griglia acciaio inox,” but also a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to all aspects of grilling. This includes innovative accessories, educational courses, and a strong community presence, making them a one-stop-shop for all barbecue needs.


Furthermore, their customer-friendly policies, such as accepting various payment methods, including crypto and Scalapay, and efficient delivery services, further enhance their appeal in the market​​.

Grigliare Duro’s “griglia acciaio inox” and its range of products stand out in the market, offering quality, innovation, and community engagement, making them a top choice for grill enthusiasts.