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Safe Method To Take Down A Ceiling Fan

These days, everything comes with customizations and multiple purposes to serve. You would hardly find a thing that serves a single need. You would always witness a constellation of tasks performed by a single tool. Take, for instance, fans. Fans, today, are needed not only for the breeze but also to add aesthetic value to the living room.

These days, fans have undergone a lot of modifications and they also help in lighting up the rooms and when attached with the chandeliers, they upscale the standards of aesthetics of any given room. Since the fans are appliances of electricity, a level-headed caution must always be exercised while operating with them.

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Safe method to take out a ceiling fan

Today, ceiling fans have become indispensable to every home. They are optimal in keeping the bedroom at an ideal temperature. However, fans might become outdated in fashion and you might want to replace them. Since they are the appliances of electricity, you must always adopt precautionary measures while using them, especially when taking them down.

You must make sure that you are equipped with all the equipment necessary to take a ceiling fan down. You must have a step ladder, a screwdriver, and a non-contact voltage tester. Below is a step-by-step process of removing a ball and socket ceiling fan:

1- After turning down the fan, remove the metal canopy of the mountain bracket by unscrewing screws.

2- With the help of a voltage tester, test and ensure that no electricity is running in the fan.

3- Make sure that you remove the wire nuts and the wires.

4- By tightly holding the fan, slide the ball on the top of the fan poll which protrudes out of the mountain bracket.

5- Now lower the fan. Unscrew the screws to remove the mountain bracket. Now, put all of the screws back in their place in the electrical box. This is done so that they do not get misplaced or lost.

Now, let’s discuss removing a flush-mounted ceiling fan.

1- After turning off the light going into the fan, remove all the bulbs and bulb covers. If there is a light kit in the fan, then remove it as well. The process of removing the kit often varies because there are different types of kits.

2- Remove the fan blades with the help of a screwdriver. Now, unscrew and remove the body of the fan from the ceiling. Do this with a tight grip.

3- Ensure that you remove the wire nuts and also disconnect the wiring. Now, you should disconnect the body of the fan from the hinge.

4- Next comes the turn of removing the mountain bracket. Ensure that you put all the screws inside an electrical box so that they are not lost.


Just like other electric appliances, fans too are dangerous and must not be taken for granted.