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The famous British explorer George Vancouver first stepped in this land 4,000 years ago in 1792 while journeying the Pacific coast of North America. The original name of the city was New York for an unknown reason later renamed as “Seattle”. A disastrous fire was evoked in 1892 which burned down the entire central district. The Great Seattle Fire was started due to maltreatment of hot glue by a carpenter who crooked 116 acres of land into ashes. The inhabitants decided to reconstruct the town than to relocate. While rebuilding the city, the streets were elevated by 22 feet by using steel and bricks instead of wood.

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You two can visit the Space Needle which was built for World Fair of 1962. This 605-foot tall structure is an icon. The elevator takes you to the top in 43 seconds from where you can watch Elliot Bay, Cascade Mountain and even Mount Rainier. You two can take 30 minutes to drive to visit Woodinville Wine Country. Over the area there are more than 100 wineries, you people can have a taste of those fantastic wines, including Chateau.Ste.Michelle, the first winery of the state.

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