Security guards – how can they help you?

A security guard is an individual guarding your province or assets. They are appointed by you through the hands of certain institutions or you appoint them to safeguard your places of importance. This profession has been around for thousands of years now. If you have ever read stories about great empires, then you must have come across the term “royal guards”, they were essentially security guards guarding the kingdom of the King. 

A huge portion of qualified security guards is now in demand in various official sectors, all around the state. They lend you assurance, regarding the safety of your place, giving you time to concentrate on other matters of progress. This is a job that requires a high degree of precision and work ethic. Thus appointing one such individual from a well-organized firm such as the Percentage Security company will assure you the best possible service.

What duties are to be performed by a security guard?

As the name suggests, the main task of a security guard is to look after the assets of their clients. Guarding those items or individuals against any possible harm or damage is their duty. Not just this, but the safeguard of commodities, while they are being transferred from point A to point B can also be taken care of by the security guards. Carrying in weapons is something that can be and not be done by a lot of guards, most of the time depending upon the nature of the service they are providing at the time. 

A few of the responsibilities of such a profession are:

  1. Security personnel can enforce laws as well as regulations related to trespassing while at work.
  2. They can also prevent physical access to restricted areas. At the same time, they may not allow photography.
  3. They can be appointed to safeguard the privacy of important public places during times of emergency.
  4. They are briefed to identify possible threats, and take steps to neutralize the danger.
  5. With the help of CCTV cameras, they can have their monitoring capacity maxed out. This will help them look at potential threats and take action to prevent any harm to their assignment.


A security guard is a special individual to deal with. They have an importance that should be valued. Thus, appointing one such individual or a team of such individuals from a trusted institution can provide you with the much-needed assurance.