Selecting between sit-to-stand desks: A quick guide!

On an average, most professionals spend at least 8 hours sitting in one position at work. Long-period sitting is not just damaging to the spine, but can also lead to chronic problems, such as muscle fatigue and pain. Today, many offices are investing in sit-to-stand desks, also called adjustable desk risers or standing workstations, which can adjust to various positions, offering the ergonomic comfort you would expect at work. Using something like Primecables electric standing desk has many advantages, and there are quite a few choices. In this guide, we are decoding what it takes to select adjustable sit-to-stand desks.

Know your options

A full standing desk, as the name suggests, allows you to sit or stand on will. There are two options in this category. The first one is an electric full standing desk, which rely on electric power and are easy to adjust. Depending on the desk you choose, you will be reminded that you have been sitting for too long, and there will be preset memory for easy adjustments. You can also go for a manual full standing desk, which can be adjusted as required and are much cheaper. If you are buying desks for your personal needs, electric ones are better and do have better features. Note that the unit may not include the table top.

Pricing, features and more

The cost of an electric standing desk depends on the features, but these definitely cost more than the manual ones as we had mentioned. As for the features, you can adjust things as required, set alarms and enjoy other inclusions, depending on the brand. To compare the options better, figure out how the height adjustments work and the extent of adjustments that can be made. Check the weight of the desktop that the product can withstand, and if the table top is not included, you can check the cost of that to determine the final price of your electric standing desk. We also recommend that you check for a mat for your feet when you are working on the electric desk in a standing position. The warranty on electric desks is something worth considering.

For the best deals and discounts, do check online stores and don’t shy away from contacting the customer support of the seller for more product details. Also, it is wise to check the reviews of various electric standing desks before deciding on one.