Industrial Fume Extractors

Selecting the right solder fume extraction system

Most of the people perform soldering for many years but they don’t know that inhaling of solder fumes can be harmful and dangerous. The soldering fume extraction system also called solder fume extractor and it is used during your work of repairing and reworking. When a technician repairs any part of a metal product by soldering then they also meet with harmful solder fumes that harm their health. Moreover, the technician reduces its productivity because of illness. However, fresh and good air is really important to increase productivity. This extractor reduces harmful solder fumes so you can easily take a breath and work very efficiently.

To get benefits, you need to select the Ip Systems Usa Solder Fume Extractor. Here you will know some points that will help you in selecting a solder fume extraction system easily.

Tips to choose the best solder fume extraction system

You need to select the solder fume extraction system according to your requirements and demand. If you are working alone or you have many technicians with you so it depends on your requirements.

Size of extractor:

The size of the extraction system is really important to consider. In the market you can find different types of size like two operators’ powerful fume extraction system FES2-75ESDLC, FES2-75ESDTC, FES2-50ESD, etc. If you have a business of repairing and reworking and working alone then you can choose the small size of solder fume extractor. Or maybe you have so many technicians working in your firm so you should choose the heavy and big size of the extractor.

Cost of extraction system:

This is another and important thing that you should consider while selecting a solder fume extraction system. Before selecting a system, you have to set your budget so you can choose the system under your budget. Many providers offer an extraction system at minimum cost then you can easily afford and buy it.

Types of filter:

Other points that you have to consider are the capacity of the filter. The solder fume extractor has a multistage filter, which clear air and all minor particles. You should select an extractor that has 3 stage filter like pre-filter, middle filter, and third filter. The different stages of the filter clean and absorb harmful particles of air.

Here you have read some points that you should consider while selecting a solar fume extraction system. However, you need to also focus on the sound or noise because no one want disturbance during work so the technician needs to choose brushless less than 60dba extractor that generates less noise.