Seychelles holidays tips

The Seychelles is a really magical place. From Mahe green mountain forests and sweeping bays to the faultless beaches and endemic flora & fauna of La Digue and Praslin, the Seychelles provides everything from luxurious comfort to adventurous activity.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for holiday to the Seychelles :

Visa requirements

Regardless of your nationality, there are no visa needs to go into the Seychelles. All visitors, anyway, must be in possession of valid passport and onward or return cheap flights to Seychelles ticket. Further, you may be asked to present proof for accommodation and may possibly need to show evidence of enough funds for the duration of your proposed stay.

As long as you meet the above needs you will be issued with a Visitors permit on arrival, free of charge, valid for a primary period of 1 month. Permits can be extended for free for up to three months from the date of issue, after which additional extensions will incur a fee.

Getting around

The most perfect way of getting around Praslin or Mahe is to hire a car. There are lots of rental firms that serve both islands with little price difference between them, although rentals Praslin can be pretty more costly than on Mahe. Some of the big firms have offices at the airport, but in general, nearly all firms will deliver your vehicle to your accommodation. Taxis are largely accessible and are perfect for little trips full day charters, with metered fares currently Rs 23 per kilometre.

Health precautions

No specific vaccinations are presently needed to go into the Seychelles unless you are from, or have passed through, a yellow fever area within six days prior to arrival. Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis, and Polio anyway advised by several health authorities.

Although there is presently no malaria in the Seychelles, mosquitoes are pretty prevalent. It is highly advised to use repellents and to stay covered around sunset/sunrise. For non-air-conditioned rooms, sleeping under a mosquito net is also a best idea.

Forever check the new recommendations with your doctor before you travel.

Weather in Seychelles

From November to April start the northwest winds bring with them wetter, hotter weather with the strong rainfalls in December and January. The southeast winds that blow from April end to October generally bring chill, drier weather. Winds during this period can be pretty brisk, with livelier seas. During the changeover months October/November and March/April sea situations are generally relax with little wind, and although diving situations are best all year round for holiday packages in Seychelles , these are the months top known for crystal-clear situations.