Soft Top Replacement: What You Need to Know

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Soft top replacement can be a daunting task, especially for those who are relatively new to auto maintenance. Replacing a soft top requires patience, planning, and the right tools for the job. It’s important to approach the task with a level head and a full understanding of the procedure. 

This blog post will provide an overview of the process, which is designed to help make the replacement process easier and more efficient. We’ll start by discussing the materials needed for the job, and then move on to the actual process of installation

We’ll also examine the benefits of replacing a soft top, and why it’s important to invest in quality materials. Finally, we’ll finish with some helpful tips to ensure a successful and safe soft top replacement.

Replacing A Convertible Top On A Budget

Prior to beginning this project, carefully consider whether you would like to repair or replace the top. Depending on its state, replacing it can sometimes be a much more affordable option. If you have made a decision to replace the top, think about various alternatives. 

Many materials are available to you, so you do not have to focus on vinyl specifically. You can always opt for the convertible canvas top. Vehicles have a soft-top, noise not as much as when people like the roadway. Another alternative is to utilize a Stayfast canvas, with a rubber membrane inside and a cotton backing.

Never forget that one important thing to bear in mind when preparing to do something yourself is that replacing the convertible top in a convertible vehicle can be a tricky process. If your coolant system isn’t calibrated correctly, you could damage the interior, create a devastating leak, or cause a catastrophe. Leave it up to the technicians. You can contact our professionals by going to www.prestigetops.com.au.

How To Replace Convertible Top

  • Remove all of the lids from the rear area of the automobile body. Then cover the deck lid. From here, remove the screws and moldings. Do not forget to mark the screws and moldings when you’ve finished. 
  • Remove the rolled strip and then lift the top. After that, take the screws and staples away for packaging and storage. Be sure to remove all screws from the middle sheets, too.
  • Eliminate as few items as possible to make the removal of the old top as effortless as possible.


  • Check all measurements before beginning the installation proceeding.
  • Carefully remove the rear window. Getting the window out is the most challenging step, and you will likely require wide screwdrivers or interface tools to carry out this action. If possible, seek the help of a second set of hands to ensure safe removal.
  • Remove the convertible top from the frame. Disentangle the upholstery carefully when peeling off the vinyl.
  • Carefully install the newly installed top onto the frame. From there, the rest of the process goes from removal to installation
  • Everything that has been loosened is required to be tightened, and everything that has been removed (screws, etc.) is required to be reinstalled and returned to its original location in reverse order of removal.
  • The best practice is to work your way back from the front to the rear. Once you have completed covering the top with your new fabric, you can raise and lower it with ease.
  • Notably, the last step in the process of window replacement should occur at the top in an open position. This is also where you need to replace all lost parts and hardware that have not been installed.

In summary, replacing a convertible top is a simple process that anyone with some basic skills can manage. After correctly measuring and purchasing a new soft top, the process of a replacement should take no more than a few hours. Additionally, properly caring for the new top will ensure it lasts for many years. With the right attitude and tools, replacing a soft top is a rewarding experience that can save you time and money.