Soft Tops Australia: How to Replace Your Convertible Top on a Budget?

If you enjoy the beauty of the open road, you may be tempted to convert your car to a convertible. But be wary; if you don’t want to spend a bundle on repairs and maintenance, this type of vehicle might not be right for you. Convertible tops are expensive to replace and are not very durable. They need special attention, and they rarely last as long as the average car.

Replacing your convertible top on a budget can be done. A new top will cost you anywhere from $1,500-$5,000 or even more, depending on the make and model of your car. The most common top on the market today is cloth. Today you don’t have to replace your convertible top with cloth because there are many vinyl alternatives that look just as good and cost half as much.

Alternative Materials

One way to save some money on your convertible top is to consider alternative materials. You can choose a fabric that’s not as thick or soundproof, even when the rest of the top is the same, which will help you trim down costs.

Choose a Company

Another way to save money on your convertible top replacement project is to choose a company that specifically targets the budget shopper. One such company, Prestige Soft Tops, uses different manufacturing methods and sourcing of materials in order to systematically save money for their customers. Replacement soft tops Australia at this price point still come with a warranty similar to premium brand options.

Reusing Parts

Convertible tops require all of these components: material for the top, frame, and pads. If you want to save on your convertible top replacement as much as possible, then reusing parts is a good idea. You’ll need an assessment from your installer about whether they are in working condition and if they can be reused. Important factors markers include water damage or corrosion that will mean you cannot reuse any part in those conditions, even if that part is still functional otherwise.

Most vehicles do not require the convertible top frame to be replaced in most repairs. If you have a bent or warped frame, it may need repair from an installer or replacement.

Use the Help of Professionals

With the advent of DIY and all its resources, people can do almost anything themselves. And in many cases, it is recommended to leave installation jobs like a convertible top to professionals. They are efficient and save you from any disastrous errors that may end up damaging your car or causing a costly leak that might require fixing on your interior because they know what they’re doing.


When looking to replace your convertible top, you don’t want to rush into it and buy the first product you see online. You want to make sure you’re getting a product that will last, and while you want it to be affordable, you also want to make sure that it’s high-quality.