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  Solo Living 101: 4 Tips When Investing In Home Furniture

Independent living is one of the most exciting things for an adult who works a corporate job in the city or someone who wants to break free from their family home. It does not only revolve around the freedom that comes with it but also the ideas you have for organising your home furniture in Singapore. Here are some tips for solo individuals:

  1. Sleep like royalty after a long day at work or university because you need it more than anything else. Invest in a comfortable bed from a furniture store in Singapore, and complement it with the best linens you want. Not only that but consider placing it in your bedroom strategically: Face the morning sun if you are that type of person or in front of the TV if you love marathons.
  2. Less is more: Living alone means, obviously, being alone most of the time unless you have a few friends over for the night. Go easy on the furniture, and use a dining set for three people only or a small couch of the right size for two. (Tip: Online furniture storescater to all interior sizes and people, you will get something you like!)
  3. Tell a story. Yes, you heard it right. Feel free to showcase your hobbies, decorate according to your style, and make the room an entryway to your thoughts and desires in life. Are you a serious person who likes to keep it simple? Adopt a minimalist design language, and explore your options in a home furniture retailer. Look for more furniture and their costs in Singapore? Check out this furniture cost guide for updated prices in 2024.
  4. Have an open layout. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but since you are living alone or with a few visitors every weekend, adopting an open interior works well, given your living condition. Being easy on the senses is one plus point!

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