Some of The Best Mosquito Control Measures to Take at Your Home

Don’t allow mosquitos to spoil your outdoor party. Make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes, and you’ll reduce the risk of them bringing sickness into your home.

Keep the Mosquitos Away.

Summers have become more sweltering and muggier in recent decades. Warmer and wetter settings are flourishing mosquito populations due to climate change. In fact, over the next three decades, researchers project that an additional roughly half a billion individuals will be vulnerable to mosquito-borne illnesses. The fact that mosquitoes may spread illnesses like malaria, Zika, and dengue, in addition to being a general nuisance, has led many to inquire how long mosquitoes thrive and, more importantly, what can be done to get rid of them from your home.

It is possible to keep mosquitoes away from your house and yard by combining natural control measures, good insect repellents, routine yard maintenance, and landscaping with mosquito-repellent plants. Here are a few mosquito control measures to take in Houston.

The Best Mosquito Control Measures to Take. 

  1. Drain standing water.

It doesn’t matter whether the water is in an inflatable pool or a pot plant; mosquitoes will lay their eggs in stagnant, non-chlorinated water. Get rid of any standing water you see if you don’t want your visitors to being bitten when cooking burgers. Don’t worry if your neighbor does not do the same thing. Since mosquitoes can’t travel far, eliminating standing water on your property should be sufficient.

  1. Avoid using scented body lotions.

Some fragrances and body lotions include aromas that serve to deter mosquitoes, while others actively attract them. Avoid using perfumes, colognes, body washes, or lotions with strong scents if you must be outdoors during peak mosquito hours. The hours are mainly the dusk to dawn hours in the months of October and April.

  1. Use lemon eucalyptus oil.

Although it may appear implausible, some government agencies have already endorsed lemon eucalyptus oil as an effective insect repellant (including the CDC). This oil is effective in repelling mosquitoes and other flying insects and may be used as a more environmentally friendly alternative to chemical repellents.

  1. Plant mosquito-repelling trees in your yard.

Some trees are very good mosquito repellants. One example is the Citrosa geranium plant, often known as citronella. The Citronella Geranium tree has a natural perfume that repels insects and also has beautiful green leaves and an odd pinkish-purple bloom.  Besides, herbs and flowers like calendula and marigolds, as well as citrus-loving rosemary, mint, and lemongrass, help deter mosquitoes and other biting insects. Plant them close to your deck or patio.

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