Step by Step Guide for Choosing a Divorce Paralegal

First of all, we should know who is a paralegal. A paralegal is an assistant to an advocate or a lawyer. He performs various functions for his employer. It starts right from collection of facts to compilation and analysis of facts, to summarize them and present it in form of briefs to their employer. He takes care of the client meetings and corporate meetings for his attorney. A paralegal knows all the minute details of day to day functioning of the court. He fills all the related forms of the client. Apart from practicing as an attorney, he can perform all the functions that are supposed to be taken care of by an advocate.

Before deciding to hire Divorce Paralegal Services, one should know the prerequisites of hiring a divorce paralegal.

  • It should be mutual consent divorce.
  • There should not be any children involved.
  • There should not be any major property distribution issues.
  • There should not be any major financial obligations to be shared by both parties.

If one’s divorce is fulfilling the above conditions, then it is advisable to hire a paralegal as it is very cost-effective. A paralegal charges way less than an attorney.

As the name is self-explanatory, a paralegal is an assistant to a lawyer. Before hiring a divorce paralegal one should consider the following points.

  1. His Employer – For starters, while looking for a Divorce Paralegal one should first search for a very good Divorce lawyer. 

The reason being the better the Divorce lawyer, the better will be work exposure of the Divorce Paralegal. A Divorce Paralegal or a good divorce lawyer shall always have a grip on the minor details of the divorce case.

  1. External Appearance – A good Divorce Paralegal should be well kept. He should be eye-soothing because his neat and organized personality would be soothing for the already frantic nerves of his clients.
  2. Organized Workplace – An organized workplace is a tell-tale sign of a good Divorce Paralegal. Organization increases efficiency. Also, we should check out that he has a good and friendly rapport with his staff and colleagues.
  3. Customer Service – A Divorce Paralegal needs to have Good Customer service skills. He should have a reputation for promptly answering his client’s calls and emails. He should be known for his commitment to his clients.
  4. Good Listening Skills – A good Divorce Paralegal should have a good ear. He should listen to his clients. Divorce majorly involves emotional issues. In such a situation a Divorce Paralegal is the pillar of a shaky client. So he should be sympathetic towards his client and understand their unsaid or unexplained issues.
  5. Qualification – A client should check out the qualification of his Divorce Paralegal. He should be well qualified as per the norms of being a Paralegal.
  6. Registration – A Divorce Paralegal must be registered with the requisite authority.

When one is planning for a mutual consent divorce, the help of a Divorce Paralegal is beneficial.