Moving into a new house is often a tedious activity. Organizing your household items to suit the new house often takes sometimes. Items that are required for use often maybe stored within reach.

It is important to put much consideration on where to store items that are not frequently used or those items that are not to be displayed in any of the rooms.

North Milpitas self storage are professionals who will not only make your needs a priority but will ensure that find the right storage unit for the items you would want to keep safe.


There are several places you can store your household items

  • Closets and cabinets- Clothes that do not occupy a lot of space can be store in house cabinets. These can be arranged based on how frequently they are worn.

Heavy clothes such as jackets and sweaters can be stored in the guest room cabinet as opposed to the master bedroom as they occupy a lot of space.

  • Basement storage-The basement can be used to store bulk items that may not be needed for use in the long while. The household items can be kept in large cartons which can be labeled for easy of retrieval when required.
  • Renting a self-storage unit-Items that do not fit in, in your new home may require that you hire a storage unit. North Milpitas self-storage offers you the right self-storage that required for the items that will not find a storage space in your new home.

Monthly leases will be offered for every storage area with convenient hours of access to the items at any day of the week. The friendly staff will also address all concerns that you may have as well as respond to any questions.

If you are planning to move, please the Milpitas self-storage Centre for all your storage solutions.