The Benefits of Dry Needling Treatments at Clinics in Singapore

Athletes put extra strain on their bodies due to intensive training regimens. They often fail to enable their bodies to relax and replenish themselves correctly. One of the advantages of receiving dry needling from reputable clinics in Singapore is the treatment of severe muscular strain.

Are Dry Needling & Acupuncture Procedures The Same?

Most people will argue that acupuncture and dry needling treatments offered by clinics in Singapore are the same. However, there is a difference between the two treatments. Acupuncture and dry needling employ needles that seem remarkably similar.

Acupuncture tries to modify the flow of qi through traditional Chinese meridians to heal ailments. The process necessitates your therapist to insert fine needles into particular places along your body’s pathways.

Dry needling treatments at clinics in Singapore immediately treat pain and dysfunction in neuromuscular and musculoskeletal ailments. Western practitioners insert needles into specific locations on the body to activate connective tissue, muscles, and nerves. Inserting the needles triggers the release of significant compounds that aids healing and function. It can also improve general well-being and help with stress management.

2 Types of Dry Needling Techniques

Dry needling is a therapy that introduces ultra-fine needles into myofascial trigger points, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. The purpose is to promote recovery in patients suffering from severe musculoskeletal diseases. It is one of the reasons therapists recommend it alongside getting a sports massage at reputable clinics in Singapore. There are two types of dry needling techniques. They are:

#1 Trigger Point

Trigger points are muscular tight bands inside a broader muscle group. It frequently develops as a defensive reaction to repeated activity, prolonged postures, or injury. These knots can induce muscular weakening, local or referred discomfort, limited range of motion, and stiffness. Too much acetylcholine frequently causes trigger points. Typically, the therapist will insert the needle and softly tap it into the trigger spot. The needle is inserted perpendicular to the trigger point with partial withdrawals in the placement procedure during dry needling sessions at clinics in Singapore.

#2 Non-Trigger Point

The physical therapist may utilise superficial dry needling. It is a method that focuses on in-and-out needle insertion, depending on your needs. The needles poke at the trigger points slightly and are swiftly withdrawn, a technique known as pistoning. This method is used by therapists for dry needling at clinics in Singapore to treat sensitive regions such as the lower back. Its purpose is to activate pain-relieving reflexes rather than to eradicate muscular knots.

4 Benefits Of Receiving Dry Needling Treatments

Because of its conservative, non-invasive technique, dry needling is gaining favour. Dry needling treatments by clinics in Singapore increase blood flow to certain parts of your body and can assist in initiating the healing process. It’s an excellent therapy for neck discomfort, low back pain, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and any other pain you can imagine.

It can also increase muscular extensibility and contractility. The procedure tells your body to generate pain-relieving hormones to initiate its healing process. Here are the benefits of receiving dry needling treatments from clinics in Singapore.

#1 Get Immediate Pain Relief

Trigger points are commonly associated with knotted muscles you can feel in the shoulder, upper back, and neck. Rather than treating the entire region, dry needling treatments at clinics in Singapore focus on the source of the discomfort. It relieves muscular strain and stress while also releasing any inflammation and toxins. It lets you experience immediate pain relief.

As the knot relaxes and blood flow improves during the dry needling treatment at clinics in Singapore, your pain will begin to subside. Better circulation means your muscles receive the oxygen and nutrients required to repair themselves. Furthermore, it flushes unpleasant and acidic toxins away. The severity and quantity of trigger points determine your treatment regimen.

#2 Restore Your Range of Motion

You might experience restrictions in your movements if you have several trigger points. Inactivity can cause your muscles to weaken and lose bulk. Receiving dry needling treatments at clinics in Singapore can aid in relieving the stress and knots while also restoring blood circulation and oxygen flow.

Physical therapy also retrains your muscles, which aids in the prevention of new trigger points. Improving overall function might help you focus on your performance by reducing or eliminating discomfort. The best treatment plans a physiotherapist in Singapore devices frequently combines dry needling with a physical therapy programme to increase your strength and fully restore your range of motion.


#3 Speed Up Your Recovery Process

Moving your body is the best approach to promote healing and speed up your recovery after an accident or surgery. Injuries are prevalent among athletes and individuals who have active lifestyles. Dry needling may help you heal faster and return to better health sooner when compared to other therapies. Physical therapy is the primary treatment throughout your healing. However, combining it with receiving dry needling at reputable clinics in Singapore speeds up the process.

#4 Addresses Chronic Pain Conditions

Dry needling treatments at clinics in Singapore can help with two chronic pain conditions: myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Myofascial pain syndrome develops when trigger points form in the fascia, a strip of connective tissue that surrounds and supports your muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and organs. Dry needling and physical therapy are two of the most effective treatments for persistent pain.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that produces widespread muscular pain and discomfort. The pain alters your movement, which leads to trigger points. Patients with fibromyalgia receiving dry needling at reputable clinics in Singapore frequently see a considerable reduction in their overall discomfort.

Receive Dry Needling Treatment from Trusted Practitioners

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