The Best Car Rental in Singapore: 4 Tips to Save Money

Whether you’re flying to your destination or planning a road trip, renting a car for a family vacation is a necessity. In addition, the best car rental in Singapore helps avoid depleting the vacation budget. These car rental tips will help you save money on your next rental.

  1. Book as early as you can.

Booking a refundable rate in a company car lease is essential. Thus, you will have secured the best deal you could find while retaining the option to find something cheaper. Then, two weeks before your trip, compare prices across rental agencies. Repeat a week in advance. When there is a lower-than-anticipated demand for car rentals, rental agencies often offer discounts. When you discover a deal, rebook at the discounted rate and cancel your original, refundable reservation.

  1. Do not spend extra money on satellite radio.

The content on your smartphone is free if you load audiobooks and music on it. Extras such as satellite radio incur astronomical surcharges from company car lease companies.

  1. Decline extra rental car insurance.

Check your auto insurance policy to determine whether or not it covers collision damage to a Mercedes rental car in Singapore. Several premium credit cards, including several high-end credit cards, offer rental car insurance coverage. Examine your travel insurance as well. Most likely, it will cover car rentals.

  1. Bring your GPS, pass for tolls, and car seat.

It saves you money, as you will not have to pay extra to rent these. Utilise Google maps on your smartphone for navigation. If you bring your toll pass, remember to add the rental car to your account by calling. And remember to call to have a car rental company payment tap in Singapore removed from your account after returning it.

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